Stone Trek

The highly-unlikely adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Magnetize. This Flash series was created by cartoon artist Brian Matthews out of his love for The Flintstones and Star Trek. What started out as a series of humorous panels developed into a Flash Animation series that just seems to have a life of it's own. It stars the considerable voice talents of Wally Fields as all the characters on the show.

Marooned On Tattooine - Part 2

Efforts to break into the ship's piggy bank go badly so Kirkstone is forced to try Sprock's harebrained idea for raising some money to get off the planet. Will they win the race and save the ship? Will they continue on the Nastrek racing circuit and turn into gear heads? Tune-in for the latest episode and find out.

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Marooned On Tattooine - Part 1

Kirkstone and crew have rescued Queen Armadillo from the self-appointed Fashion Police. Redshirts die, ships are attacked and the crew is marooned. How will our heroes survive? I'm sure that Kirkstone will bumble through, just like he always does...

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Caveman Trap Part 2

Kirkstone wants to make a deal with Professor Crater so he can get the cruise to Kegger 6 (the Beer planet) but with his redshirts dying off left and right, his curiosity gets the better of him and he confronts the Professor about his need for rock salt.

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Caveman Trap Part 1

The crew are to personally deliver a prize notification to Professor Crater and his wife (a former girlfriend of Doctor Rockoy). Once they reach the planet, Professor Crater tells Captain Kirkstone that he doesn't want the prize, but will trade it for some rock salt. Redshirts start dying as soon as soon as the crew beams down.

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