Highlights from some of our previous shows:
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Starfest 2004

Starfest 2003

Starfest 2002

Starcon 2001

Starfest 2001

Starcon 2000

Starfest 2000

Starcon 1999

Starfest '99

Starcon '98

Starfest '98

Convention Related Items For Sale

We have made a special sets of cards for some of the Starfest and Starcon shows. We give them away at special events at the convention as sort of a game for collectors. We have assembled some of the left-over sets and uncut sheets for you to purchase.
We've been taping a lot of stuff at the conventions for years. Now you have a chance to view and purchase some of our greatest moments. The costume contests, play parodies and hilariously funny commercial parodies we are famous for.



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