Check back to this page often as we'll be adding new panels and activities as they come in.

Do you have an idea for a panel or activity at Starfest? Post it to the Starland Message Board.

Airbrush Experience
Teen and adult con members can try airbrushing their own version of the class project on matt board with frisket paper. Use an Iwata Eclipse airbrush and ComArt paints. All materials provided. $10 per person. In the Atrium Saturday 2:30 - 4:00 and 4:15 - 5:45; Sunday 10:00 - 11:30 and 12 - 1:30. Brought to you by TAG Services.

Alien Crafts With the USS Pioneer
Come join the USS Pioneer for some fun alien crafting activities.  Along with coloring for the smaller cadets, bigger cadets and adults can participate in beading activities, making paper airplanes and spaceships (if there's room, we might have a flying contest), alien paper puppet making, decorating your own Horta, and who knows what else!  We welcome participants of all ages, but those under 10 need to be accompanied by a responsible party. 

Amtgard of Colorado
Exit the world of reality and come with us to a world of fantasy where monsters dwell and magic thrives. A world where your imagination comes to life as you create and become a character in the game. Learn melee combat as a warrior or cast arcane magic as a wizard. Test your strength as a barbarian or your accuracy as an archer. There are dozens of classes to choose from in this live-action world of fantasy combat. Learn skills such as armor construction, weapon construction, garbing, and much, much, more. Earn awards and gain levels in the class of your choosing while striving to attain knighthood or even gain the title of Grand Duke/Duchess, Amtgard’s highest honor. There is no required membership fee and anyone over 14 years old (with parental consent) is welcome to play (A waiver is required due to physicality of this sport).

Japanese animation is one of the staples of Starfest. The schedule for this convention will be posted on the schedules page.

Are You a Werewolf?
A mind game for 8 to 15 people in which a vengeful group of villagers must find out who among them is secretly a werewolf before it is too late. Each "night" the werewolves eat a villager, and each "day" the surviving villagers attempt to rid the town of the werewolves by lynching one of their own. It's amazing to hear the whoppers people tell to save their own necks! Sponsored by the Ménage a Maquis.

Tim Kuznair Galactica Art

Art Show
We want to encourage all you budding artists to enter the Starfest 2006 Art Show. Past entrants have included Peri Charlifu, Jim Humble and Tim Kuznair, whose work is pictured here. The Art Show will be held in the Conifer Ballroom next to the Dealer's Room. No pre-registration for the Art show is necessary; your artwork can be entered at any time during the convention. Enter your science fiction, fantasy, portraits, 3-D, sculpture
or any related artwork. For all the art show rules and information go to

Authors Signing Party
Come join in the fun and get those books signed. Mingle, munch, and sign up for free prizes! With Barb & J.C. Hendee, Carrie Vaughn, and Christie Golden.

Complete information on our Autograph program is available in the Tickets Section.

Avistrum Academy of Sorcery Is Coming to Starfest 2006!
What is Avistrum? Ever wanted to step into the enchanted worlds of your favorite novels, meet the characters, talk to them, become part of their world? That's what Avistrum offers. Avistrum is an inter-active entertainment company that lets people of all ages become a student in a fictional school of wizardry.

Friday Night
Visit the Avistrum Fan Table Friday night, and learn more about Avistrum. Are you a Harry Potter Trivia buff? Register to win a spot for Wizard Jeopardy! Contestants will be chosen in a random drawing in Main Events directly before the game show begins. Art Contest- Love Avistrum and you are an artist? Avistrum is holding an art contest at Starfest 2006! Art must be Avistrum-based and be submitted by 6:00 on Saturday, April 22, at the Avistrum Fan Table. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a pass to Starfest 2007! Runners-up will be awarded prizes from Sage Moon, a Harry Potter Collectibles (and more!) store, located in downtown Littleton. Visit their website at

Do not miss Wizard Jeopardy in Main Events on Saturday morning. Hosted by the winners of the 2006 Mile Hi Con Fan Guest of Honor Award, The Marauders will be in the house! Don't be surprised if some other favorites show up, like Tonks! The grand prize winner will receive a pass to Starfest 2007 and a racing broom from the official wandmakers for Avistrum Academy of Sorcery, the world famous Alivan's! Alivan's will also be furnishing wands for the runners-up.

Avistrum will be located in the Pikes Peak room on the Mezzanine level. Many of the faculty will be in attendance! A class or two will be offered (TBA), along with various activities. Come learn more about Avistrum, its history, its characters and what they've been up to...

For official art contest rules and more information, please visit

Barb Garb
You want to see what the barbarians wear while in battle? Come find out how this well-worn armor is made. Back in the Viking days there were no knights in shining armor, just the most simple things around were used to make body protection. Come see up close the hand stitched, rivited, tooled, but never glued, leather armor the Feral Horde wear! This is a Q/A panel so ask away, and learn to do this yourself. Goes great at any party!

Bat'leth 101
Come learn the basics of Bet’leth and Mek’leth combat. Prepare yourself for the tournament and have a good time. We promise not to hurt you . . . much.

Battletech Gaming
John and friends once again bring you Battletech gaming both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm on the Mezzanine in Blanca Peak. They welcome all levels of players.

The Brig
"Arrest that creature!" Arrest your family and friends! You think up the crime, they'll do the time! Help save rare and endangered Asian elephants! All proceeds will go to Asian Tropics at the Denver Zoo, which includes new breeding facilities for Asian elephants. Arrests are $3; add on a torture for just $1! Look for us in the Atrium.

Browncoats Trivia Challenge!
How big is your brain-pan? Test your Firefly/Serenity knowledge against other Browncoats for fun and shiny prizes.

Building a 66" USS Enterprise Replica
Model builder Sean Sides will present an overview of the 2+ years involved in the construction of this amazing starship recreation project. The presentation will include pictures and discussion from the basic armature assembly, the electronics and wiring, body work to final assembly and finish. You will be treated to an inside look at all the intricate details and effort it took to bring this incredible replica to life. At the end of the presentation, Sean will also share a glimpse into his newest, even Bigger project! You can visit Sean's models at

Christie Golden
Join award-winning and bestselling author Christie Golden as she gives you sneak previews from upcoming projects.

Comparison/Contrast Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Beauty and the Beast
This discussion group is based on the timeless popularity of these shows. This panel will include discussion comparing and contrasting the magic and mythos of "Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter" and "Beauty and the Beast." We will explore the classical concepts and the allegorical interpretations in each. Please feel free to add your ideas to ours in this lively panel.

Developing the Next Generation of Rocket Scientists
James Bernard of the Front Range L5 Chapter of the National Space Society looks at what it might take to get a new generation of children interested in working in science and engineering fields, especially in space-related fields.

Engine Trouble - A Quest
When your spaceship crew comes upon an alien freighter leaking radiation from its main reactor, it's up to you to render assistance.  Will that assistance lead you to an even more interesting adventure?  The only way to find out is to come be a part of the crew of the ISS Hope.

Run by eXperience, Inc., a company based in Boulder, CO, with programs in Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas, STARQUEST is a fun, interactive storytelling game of make-believe where you get to
play the heroes of a Sci-Fi Adventure.  "Engine Trouble" is an introductory style 'Mini Quest' for kids ages 7 - 12.  This is an ACTIVE game, come prepared to play. Visit eXperience, Inc., at

Fan Clubs
All the local science fiction fan clubs will be at the convention. Various presentations will be made in the panel rooms during the convention. If you want to make your science fiction infatuation more of a social thing, be sure to check into the club activities at the convention. They will be more than happy to let you know what kinds of activities are available throughout the year.

Fan Fiction Panel
Are you old enough to remember collating parties, press-type, rubber glue and the smell of Xerox? Then join us for an overview of the world of sci-fi and fantasy fan fiction, from Star Wars to Supernatural, Lord of the Rings to Buffy. This friendly, interactive panel will cover topics from origins of fan fiction in the good old days of ‘fanzines’ to the current hot zones of fan writing: online groups, livejournals, blogs and What is the modern etiquette for posting and commenting? Should you come out to your friends and family as a fanfic writer, or keep it in the closet? We’d love to have you join our discussion of these and other topics. Hosted by notorious fan author Pecos and anyone else she can trick into participating.

Federation Ball
Every member of the Federation needs to have a place to party!!  Come join Feddies, Klingons, Vulcans and more (including the occasional celebrity) at the Federation Ball on Saturday night in Panel Room #2 (near the autograph area).  The Ball begins at 9:00 pm and ends at midnight.  Door prizes awarded; must be present to win! Enter the dance contest for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the next convention!! The audience gets to help with the judging!  Cost is only $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00, and costumes are encouraged, but not required. Music is provided by professional DJ company ACES, and the Ball is sponsored by the USS Pioneer and the USS Omega Glory.

The Fighting Fems
How has the kick-butt heroine evolved in print and on screen? With Barb & J.C. Hendee, Carrie Vaughn, and Denise Crosby).

An opportunity to come together and enjoy a wonderful merging of music with fantasy, sci-fi, and just about anything else that can be put to music.  A wide variety of pieces will be presented, and all participants are encouraged to present some of their favorites. If you prefer, you can just come and listen to the fun.

Forbidden Planet 50th Anniversary Presentation
Forbidden Planet, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's first attempt at science fiction released in 1956, was a film years ahead of its time, the  direct forerunner of STAR TREK, STAR WARS and the big-budget science fiction films and TV shows of today. It was the first film to be set in a future where mankind is spreading out into the universe in faster-than-light starships. The theme had been a central one in the literature of the genre for more than twenty years but had been ignored by a Hollywood still grappling with what it thought were the advanced concepts of travelling to the moon or Mars. And while movie-makers had invested large sums to bring science fiction novels legitimized as "classics" to the screen, like H. G. Wells' THINGS TO COME (1936), WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) and Jules Verne's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (1954), FORBIDDEN PLANET was the first film ever to invest a large budget in an original science fiction property tailored for the screen.

Join our MC, Kevin Atkins, for a behind-the-scenes look at this historic film, 50 years after its initial release.

Free Model Make and Take
10:00 - 2:00 Saturday. Junior con members can build a free scifi model supplied by Polar Lights/RC2 and paint it with an Iwata Airbrush and Model Master Acryl Paint. Tools provided by Excel Hobby Blades. This FREE event the TAG Services tables in the Atrium.

Ghost Hunting 101
Where do I start, and what do I need? Presented by Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society.

Gorram Browncoats
Join the Mile High Browncoats, Colorado's Official Fan Group, for a lively discussion centered on Joss Whedon's Firefly / Serenity 'Verse. Learn about our upcoming group activities and monthly Shindigs and share with us your love of this shiny tv series and film. Join us on our website at

Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles
Eric Boethin of the Front Range L5 Chapter of the National Space Society looks at possible heavy lift launch vehicles that the US could develop.

Horrorfest at Starfest 2006
This year we are proud to welcome horror/fantasy authors Barb & J.C. Hendee and Carrie Vaughn.  They will be on hand all weekend for panels, readings, and book signings.

Be sure to join us at HORROR IN THE ATRIUM, our Friday night charity event from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. We'll be mingling, munching, and raffling off some amazing items for charity. 

Horror Video
Horror video kicks off the weekend with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and costume contest on Friday night at 10:00pm.  We will have prizes for the best costumes and Denver's RHPS shadow cast will be joining in the fun.

Saturday we'll explore "Evil Children to Teen Angst" on film.  On Sunday we'll be showing some of the horror films that the Starfest guests have appeared in. Some of the films we've dug up will surprise you!

Throughout the weekend we will also be presenting some exclusive movie premieres. Check the schedule for these events.

Horror Panels
We've got some terrific stuff lined up for you in Horror Panels this year.  Not only will Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society be joining us again, but this year they are offering a class:  Ghost Hunting 101.  Everything you need to know as a beginning ghost hunter!  All of our guest authors will be doing readings and sitting in on some fascinating panels. Sunday they will be available at a festive book signing event. Join us Saturday night in panels for the rpg "Call of Cthulhu" if you dare! Also returning this year "Make a Monster" -- it's now a tradition.  Kids, artists, and monsters ... what more can we say?

Intergalactic Karaoke
Serenade your beloved alien or just sing your favorite songs to a captive audience. Intergalactic wars have started this way! Will you start this war by singing to your heart's content, or will you let someone else draw first blood? Sponsored by the Interfalactic Fleet of Honor.

Jugglers with an Altitude
Is your life complicated? Do you need to do three or more things at once? Well, juggling the problems of your life we can't help you with, but we can help you learn to juggle! We can teach you to juggle in five minutes or your money back (it's free anyway). Learn the classic three ball juggle to begin with or the more advanced four or even five ball juggle, or even clubs if you dare. For those who like the harder stuff learn a few tricks that will make you think you never knew how to juggle in the first place.

Kevin and Dayton's Reader's Theater
Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward read from some of their recent works. Afterwards, you, the audience, will have a chance to participate in a script reading of a short skit written by Dayton. You know you've always wanted to be an actor -- this is your chance.

Kit Bashing the Star Wars Universe
Steve Neisen, President of NICE-N Model Designs will present a seminar on the art of kit bashing. As the Chief Model and Master Pattern Maker for the Master Replicas Y Wing project due out this summer, he will share the experience of how to identify, search and find all the kit parts needed to recreate movie models. Kit bashing is the act of taking specific model kit parts and gluing them on another model for added detail.  The use of kit bashing was made famous by ILM molders in Star Wars, ESB and ROTJ.  Steve will use several behind-the-scene photos of the ILM work shop and several pictures of the models used for filming.  We will discuss the many model kit companies, proper kit scale and availability.  We will also discuss how to get started! Steve will have examples of kit bashed studio scale models for display (MR AT-AT, X Wing and MR Snow Speeder).  The last 15 minutes will be a group interaction. He will show a part on the screen of a studio scale craft and will have the audience try to identify it.  When all the discussion is concluded Steve will pull out the part from the actual kit and compare it to the piece on the filming miniature.

Klingon Kulture
Admiral K’Var and friends are back to educate all on Klingon kulture -- among other things! Come see Admiral K’Var in his element and come asking questions that need answers.

Klingon Warrior Tournament
Come test your physical and mental combat skills in the Klingon Warriors' Tournament. All skill levels invited to participate in one or all of the three events: Curse Warfare, Mek'leth Combat, and Bat'leth Combat. Win or lose, everyone always has a good time. Brought to you by the Galactic Warriors Academy.

Kooking with Kroesh presents "Klingon Iron Chef"
Get ready for the Targ Hearts and Chicken Wings to start flying as Ultimate Fighting Champions of the Universe come together in Kitchen Stadium and the famed 'secret ingredient' is revealed. Two challengers will face off against the Legendary Klingon Iron Chef DaHar Master Kroesh zantai-Septaric in an epic culinary battle. The guest panel judges the entrée's to determine who is victorious and who is vanquished. No matter whether the Iron Chef defends his title -- you, the audience, always win.

Late-Nite Modeling
Attention modelers -- Late-nite modeling with some of Colorado's modeling personalities representing several Colorado model clubs. Bring your models that you want to work on or want advice on. Model events area in the Atrium Saturday night, 8pm until the last person falls.

Looney Labs "Little Experiment" with the Maquis
Fluxx, Chrononauts, Aquarius, Icehouse, Volcano, Zendo, Cosmic Coasters . . . we have them all! Come play  games and win prizes. What!? never heard of Looney Lab Games? Please check them out at Sponsored by the Menage a Maquis.

MileHiCon Challenge Panel: Coolest Ride in the Universe
To paraphrase an Eighties' song, only a nobody walks in Sci Fi. From Buck Roger's retro-cool spaceship to Mad Max's 'last of the V-8 Interceptors' to Captain Nemo's Nautilus, science fiction is full of great ways to get around the city, the world or the galaxy.  But which is the absolute coolest? Come with your favorites--and be ready to burn rubber!

Miscellaneous Wizard Fun
Come and watch Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire on DVD. Play an Avistrum game, or just come meet some of the various characters and learn more about the world. There is much to see, so be sure to drop by and see us!

Mix 100’s Dom Testa - Sci Fi for Young Adults
As one of the co-hosts of "The Dom and Jane Show" on Mix 100 Radio in Denver, Dom Testa reaches almost a quarter of a million listeners each day. In the past two years he has reached a younger audience with his award-winning Galahad series.

Dom will host a panel discussion on introducing young people to the world of science fiction, as well as read from the first two books in the series. The first volume, Galahad 1: The Comet’s Curse, was recently named the Grand Prize Winner by Writer’s Digest in their annual self-published book awards.

Find out what it takes to create a successful book series, and how this author has turned his passion for children’s literacy to the next stage. There will be lots of laughs, and plenty of time for Q&A.

Model Show
Do you build models?  If so, bring it by the Model Show and share your work with the world!  Our show includes science fiction, science fact, fantasy, and horror subjects.  Are you amazed by detailed artwork in miniature?  Come on by and cast your vote for the People's Choice Award!  Do you want to improve your skills?   Our friendly staff of qualified volunteers will be happy to talk to you about your work.

There are a lot of model-related events at this convention.  Be sure to check them out!

Movie Studio Previews
Dave McDonnell of Starlog Magazine and Jeff Walker will be presenting trailers, slides and commentary on all this spring's sci-fi fare. Don't miss this presentation -- it's always one of the greatest events at the convention.

Murder Mystery
Case #1 Murder at StarFest Mansion

Murder Setup:
Today an Alien was found dead by several House VamPyr members. The Alien had several cuts bruises, and two strange holes in its neck, but nothing that was fatal. At this point it is not certain if this is a case of murder or accidental death.

Your job is to unravel the mystery. Travel to the different rooms at StarFest Mansion and make suggestions as to who you think did it. Along the way, you will collect clues from other players to help you narrow down the murderer, murder weapon, and location of the murder.

This is a game where you play the part of The United Federation of Planets (UFP) Inspector at Starfest. A murder has taken place at StarFest Mansion and it is up to you to find the killer!

Collect evidence by looking for clues and use deductive reasoning to solve the crime -- by eliminating suspects, weapons, and locations. When you think you have enough evidence to convict a suspect, go to the Security Chief's office and tell him your theory. If you are able to solve this mystery, you will earn yourself a Prize!

Remember to just have fun!

My Vamp's Better Than Your Vamp
A discussion of the changing mythos of horror archetypes. With Carrie Vaugh, Barb & J.C. Hendee, and Christie Golden.

New Voyages Episodes
Discussion of the most popular fan-made series, "Star Trek - New Voyages," and if it is the template of the future of Star Trek.

Orthogenesis, a film by Robert Berg, III
(or·tho·gen·e·sis, noun, New Latin, 1895, evolution in successive generations that takes place in a predestined direction independent of external factors)

Ayden Lee is young, she's beautiful, and she's an artist...she's been an orphan since age 7 on the night her mother disappeared without a trace.  Now, an unusual relic she’s had since childhood has awakened with a terrifying message: her human life is about to end. In three days, Ayden must come to terms with an unimaginable destiny, the end of everything she’s ever known, and find a way to say goodbye to the people she loves before her astonishing fate becomes reality.

Written and shot in 2003, post-production, special effects, and sound editing for "Orthogenesis" was finished mid-2005.  The film was shot completely on location in Colorado. Join us for a screening of this film on Friday evening as well as a Q&A with the director, Robert Berg, and star, Joni Pierce, afterwards. Visit the official website at

Out With the Old
How do authors keep their stories fresh and original? With Barb & J.C. Hendee and Carrie Vaughn.

Photo with the Stars Program
Details on the Photo with the Stars Program is listed in our Tickets Section.

Play Parody
Be sure you don't miss the live Starfest play presentation. We often slip one or more of our guests into the show for cameo appearances. It's a great combination of biting humor onstage and on video.

Potions Class
Double, double, toil and trouble! Fire burn my cauldron supposed to bubble? Come see what we have bubbling and brewing in Potions class.

Practical Magic Class
Who knows what crafts and creations will be concocted? There's only one way to find out! Don't miss this class!

Prop Making 101 - To Make or to Buy
House Vampyr will discuss whether it is better to make or to buy your props. We will have many props on display, including actual props from the TV show Star Trek Next Generations.

Prop Making 102 - Making Your Own Props
Now that you've decided on making your own props, we will discuss materials, modeling, and painting. We will also be making a small pin for each participant; cost is just $2 to cover materials, resin, and paint.

Quick-Build Costuming Contest
Join us for the premiere of this annual event!! This is on-site costume building by teams whose only resources are those items provided or donated along with a special item to be announced at the beginning of the contest. Donations are greatly accepted to add to the variety of costume items. All costumes have to be constructed and ready for presentation in a two-hour time frame. Come and see what kind of costume you can come up with. There are two hours for building costumes. The presentation and contest will be held after the construction of the costume.

The rules are simple:

1. Teams must have at least 3 members any or all of which can be ‘dressed’.
2. Only one member at a time can be off collecting from the pile of goodies. Only a set number of items can be removed at a time.
3. Teams will have two hours to design and create their costume(s) and presentation.
4. The audience may give suggestions but may not interfere.
5. No team member may be at the machine for more than 5 minutes; no team may be away from the construction area for more than 10 minutes at a time. Only one member at a time can be at the fasteners table.
6. Presentation will immediately follow the ending buzzer.
7. Referee may make up any other rules as he or she pleases.
8. Director’s word is FINAL.

The audience will be banished for the last 30 minutes before time is up.

Quidditch Cup Tournament
Throughout the day, Quidditch players may sign up to partake in the tournament. Contestants will be given a time limit (or the completion of a game) to acquire as many points as possible. The top 3 scorers will win prizes at 4:00 PM! Winners must be present to receive prize. One turn per contestant. Open play will be available for those wishing not to partake in the tournament. For the full list of rules, please consult the sheet posted in the room.

Rally Point: A Stargate Props and Costuming Fan Club Event
Got Gate? Come join SG-14, a local team of, for a day of Stargate related activities at Starfest this year. We will be offering a panel on the real Cheyenne Mountain complex, costuming workshops, and showing episodes from Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. We will also have costume and prop displays, a silent auction and a special luncheon. Rally Point participants will get a discount on Starfest admission. For more information on pre-registration or details about the event, contact us at:

Rune Stones -- Fortune, Fame and Glory
Come have your questions answered in the reading of the Rune stones. Liz will help you interpret what they are trying to tell you.

Scene It: Harry Potter Edition
Come and make teams to close out the weekend playing this extraordinarily fun game! Who knows? You may just get a faculty member or two to join in!

SciFi and Fantasy Modeling
Meet Colorado modelers and garage kit producers and watch the modeling demos. Check the modeling area in the Atrium for final schedules.

SciFi Game Show
From the team that brought you Sci-Fi Feud.  Please join us for a new game this year. We've been working hard to bring you a new exciting and fun-filled show with all your favorite hosts. We will be choosing players from our studio audience to play. You never know, you might even get to see a Vanna look-alike. 

Shadow Walkers Screening
Saturday night at 7:00pm in the Aspen theater we will be bringing you a screening of the film Shadow Walkers.  The Director, cast, and crew of the film will join us onstage afterwards for an audience Q & A.  Watch the halls on Saturday for creatures from the film who will be wandering among us! 

So, You Want to Write a Star Trek Story?
On meeting Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, most guests to Starfest are heard to remark, "Man, if those two boneheads can write a Star Trek story, anyone can!" And the first persons to agree with that are Dayton and Kevin themselves. Why else would they offer not one, but two panel discussions this weekend on the topic? Join this pair of no-account slackers as they are joined by fellow Star Trek writer Christie Golden (who graciously lends a great deal of credibility to the proceedings) to talk -- not lecture -- about the writing process. They'll offer advice based on their own experiences and, most importantly, about how any Star Trek fan with the desire and drive to write can enter Pocket Books' annual Strange New Worlds short-story contest. The contest's annual anthology prints about two dozen Star Trek tales written by fans just like you. Please join our visiting authors, bring lots of questions, and prepare to get inspired.

Star Trek Fiction Preview by Pocket Books
As Star Trek approaches the 40th anniversary of its original television premiere in 1966, all new stories of our favorite Starfleet crews from the 23rd and 24th centuries continue to be told -- on the printed page. Join Star Trek authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore to get a sneak preview of Pocket Books' plans to celebrate this exciting milestone in Star Trek history. You'll hear about all of the fiction projects planned for the year (paperback, hardbound and e-book) and you'll see cover art for many of these projects -- some for the first time anywhere. Plus, you can expect some giveaways courtesy of Pocket Books. Come learn about the newest Star Trek adventures anywhere!

Star Wars Fandom: What Now? Life after Episode III
Come see where Star Wars Fandom is going in Colorado. Leaders from each major group will be meeting to discuss where they've been and what they have going for the future. With folks like these, Star Wars Fandom will never die in Colorado. If you've been looking for an outlet for inner Jedi, this is the place to be.

Starfest Showcase and Awards
It's part costume contest, part talent show, but there will be something for everyone. You can show your costume, show off your talent, or show off your talent while wearing a costume. Prizes will be awarded. Sign up at the Showcase Registration table (near the pool) Friday evening from 6 to 10 and Saturday until 5:30. Register early as there are limited entries to the contest. Review the
rules and sign up here.

Starfleet Academy in its 5th Year
Join Ambassador Indra Ivari, Deputy Commander Stevl and a host of professors in celebrating Starfleet Academy’s 5th year at Starfest! Starfleet Academy is an entertaining opportunity to experience life as a Starfleet cadet. Multimedia presentations, audience participation, a little education and a lot of fun are what the classes are all about. The classes are taught by instructors from the actual Starfleet Academy and have included Vulcans, Andorians, Betazed, a Deltan, and even the occasional human. There are always plenty of surprises, and everyone is invited to attend one, two or all four classes. Diplomas and other rewards will be given to those who complete all four courses.

Starfleet Academy: History 101 – Baby Steps in Weightlessness –The Beginning of Earth Space Travel
Professor Victoria Windsor

Interstellar travel has become so commonplace that it’s hard to imagine than when it began. The first space travelers were dogs and chimps, manned flights lasted 15 minutes, and rockets involved everything from impressive failures to ham sandwiches. The professor will present an enlightening and humorous look at how humans first began their sojourn into space, complete with rare footage and seldom-heard anecdotes about the early human space program.

Starfleet Academy: LS 101 – Life Skills: The Rec Deck, or How to Enjoy Your Mandatory Free Time
Instructor: The Rec Deck Team

"The more advanced the life form, the greater the need for play." Relaxation is the key to high morale, which is the key to a smoothly operating ship's crew. Humans, Andorians, Tellerites and Vulcans all use "downtime" differently, but all can use it on the Rec Deck. Students will have the chance to experience a variety of enjoyable and challenging activities.

Starfleet Academy: Leadership Symposium 302 - WWKD: What Would Kirk Do - And Should You?
Instructor: De
puty Commander Stevl
No one man in the history of Starfleet is more controversial than James Tiberius Kirk. Was he the greatest Starfleet captain of all time, or merely "a menace?" Much of the controversy stems from the decisions and choices that he made and their consequences. In this symposium, students will examine the kinds of choices they will make as Starfleet officers, first by examining potential alternate futures, and then by comparing their own decision-making skills with those of the esteemed Captain Kirk.

Starfleet Academy: Engineering 103: Federation Architecture and Design – Future Design and Construction Techniques
Instructor: Dr. T’Nea Kelly

Starfleet Engineers don’t just save ships at the last minute. There is a tremendous demand for designers and builders who can help create everything from colonies to commodes. In this hands-on class, students will have the chance to demonstrate and hone their design and construction techniques in competition with their fellow students.

Studio Giveaways
Don't miss Friday night for the best in Movie Studio Hats, Caps and Buttons. Some people use the convention giveaways for half their wardrobe!

Superhero Theater 2.0
Superhero Theater's quest to show the best, the brightest, and, yes, even the "cheesiest" examples of Superheroes in movies and TV continues. This year's schedule will include an eclectic mix of popular films, hard to find cult favorites, fan films, documentaries, animated classics, and more. Of course, Superman and the X-Men will be represented, but some unexpected surprises await -- if you check out the room. We will also have discussions of upcoming Superhero film and TV projects and show Trailers for those that are coming soon. Check for updated information.

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
Go "All-In" Texas-Hold-'Em-style in a free, no limit tournament on Friday night beginning at 9:00 pm.  The tournament is sponsored by the USS Pioneer.  There is no charge to play and all players over the age of 18 are welcome to participate.  Don't know how to play?  No problem!  There will be members on hand to teach you the basics, and each player who wants one will be given a "cheat sheet" telling what beats what and the chip value.  Prizes will be given for those who reach the final table and for the tournament champion.  Shuffle up and Deal!!!

USS Enterprise Replica
Model builder Sean Sides spent 2 1/2 years working on this replica of the USS Enterprise. It will be on display in the Lupine room (near Convention Information) during the convention. Sean will present a panel on the construction of this beautiful model (see Building a 66" USS Enterprise Replica).

Utopia Planitia -- Build Your Own Spaceship
Come build your very own spaceship (not to scale, of course) out of ordinary household items with the crew of the USS Pioneer. Children of all ages will have a blast, but those under 10 should have a responsible companion with them.

Videos and Movies
When the bustle of the convention becomes too much, come sit in the video room. We'll have lots of great features for you to enjoy.

What if Star Wars...
Improvisation performance by the Order of the Grey Jedi invites you to look into the world of Star Wars in a whole new, (well, several different new) way(s).  Presented by the same crew that brought you "Jedi Knight Live", "Jedi Springer", the "Jedi Murder Trial" and other misadventures, " What if Star Wars. . ." takes you into the inner circle of the creative thought process of parody and the perils of chaos. (Rated PG-13 for content.)

Whose Ship Is It Anyway?
The Improvatons comedy troupe are back once again with “Whose Ship is it Anyway?” Watch what unfolds as our talented improvisational crew boldy go where no one has gone before. Audience ideas will be incorporated, so feel free to think up unique places and situations for your intrepid Improvatons.

Wizard Jeopardy
Hosted by The Marauders, come and see if your name will be chosen to partake in the ultimate Harry Potter quiz game! Prizes include a pass to Starfest 2007, a handcrafted wand from Alivan's and Harry Potter collectibles from Sage Moon!

World of Latex Mask Making and Much More
Spare Time, formerly A&J Hobbies, will show you how to start making your own latex masks. Learn how to complete a life cast and use it as your sculpting bust. Find out how to sculpt your ideas in clay. Learn mold making for latex molds. Finish that latex mask to wow everyone.



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