Starfest 2006 Photo Gallery

Around the Convention - Autograph Tables - Balcony Challange -Dirk Benedict
Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz - Moon Bloodgood - Michael Broidy (Fox Studios)
Channel 2 Morning Show - Charity Autograph Sign - Convention Registration
Denise Crosby - Costume and Talent Showcase - Costumes around the show
Enterprise Model Display - Federation Ball - Joe Flanigan - Dean Haglund
Dean Haglund and Denise Crosby Comedy Show - Dean Haglund and Gary Jones
Dean Haglund and Gary Jones Comedy Show - Tricia Helfer - Hitchhiker's Party
Gary Jones - Model Show - Marcus Nispel (Pathfinder Director) - Omen Producer
Pathfinder Presentation - Red Bag Auction - Saturday Night Play Parody
Dwight Schultz - Dwight Schultz and Denise Crosby - SG69 Party - Staff Party
Staff Photos - Starfleet Academy - Stormbringer Party - George Takei - Karl Urban
USS Anazasi Party

Karl Urban


Karl Urban and Moon Bloodgood
Karl Urban with Marcus Nispel (The Director of the movie Pathfinder)
Moon Bloodgood
Pathfinder Presentation Photos


Marcus Nispel the Director of the movie Pathfinder


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