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Photo With the Stars Costume Photo Sessions
Rally Point/Avistrum Registration Superhero Theater Video

Anime Room

6:00pm Cromartie High School
7:00pm Comic Party Revolution
8:00pm SD Gundam Gaiden
9:00pm Anime Music Videos
10:00pm Howl's Moving Castle
8:00am He Man and She Ra: Secret of the Sword
10:00am Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
11:00am The Real Ghostbusters
12:00pm Gun X Sword
1:00pm Eureka Seven
2:00pm Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
3:00pm Basilisk
4:00pm Trinity Blood
5:00pm Blood Plus
6:00pm Full Metal Alchemist Movie: The Conqueror of Shamballa
8:00pm Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
10:00pm Steamboy
8:00am Gakuen Alice
9:00am Snow Queen
10:00am Mai Otome
11:00am Tsubasa Chronicle
12:00pm BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
1:00pm Lupin the 3rd: Stolen Lupin
3:00pm Beet the Vandel Buster
4:00pm Solty Rei
5:00pm Samurai 7

Art Show
For more Art Show info, click here.

Friday 4:30p (Registration Only) 6:00p - 10:00am Open to the Public
Saturday 9:00a - 6:00p
Sunday 9:00a - 6:00p

Photo with the Stars and Autograph Schedules

Please refer to the printed convention schedule for autograph and photo session times.

Costume Photo Sessions
Blank times in the Photo with the Stars schedule are available for you to schedule yourself (and your friends) to be photographed and receive a 8x10 print for just $10.00. Groups are permitted during the Costume Sessions at no additional charge. Additional copies of your group shot can be purchased for $10.00 each. All other photo sessions require that every person in your group purchase a photo - the only exception is babies that are too small to walk, they can be held in your arms during the shot.

Dealer's Room

Friday Noon - 6:00 Setup (Dealers only) 6:00 - 10:00 Public
Saturday 10:00 - 6:00
Sunday 10:00 - 6:00

Horror Video

7:00-9:00pm Horror in the Atrium -- Mixer and Charity Raffle
10:00pm Rocky Horror Picture Show
9:00am It's Alive!
10:30am The Omen
 12:30pm Village of the Damned
2:00pm Children of the Corn
3:30pm Idle Hands
5:00pm The Lost Boys
6:30pm Heathers
8:30pm Ginger Snaps
10:30pm Chainsaw Sally -- Screening
9:00am Sssssss -- with Dirk Benedict
11:00am Horror Trailer Park with Dave McDonnell
 12:00pm Frankenstein vs The Creature from Blood Cove (R) (violence and nudity)
1:30pm Alone in the Dark -- with Dwight Schultz
3:00pm Ghost Ship -- with Karl Urban

Horror Panels

9:00am Make a Monster Contest -- Kids Event
11:00am Ring or Ringu -- What is the Future of American Horror?
 12:00pm Out with the Old -- panel
1:00pm Universally Speaking -- A Discussion of Universal Horror Films with Dave McDonnell
2:00pm The Fighting Fems -- panel
3:00pm Music of the Night: All Goth All the Time
4:00pm Authors Reading and Q&A: Barb & J.C. Hendee
5:00pm Sex and Horror -- Is it in the blood? (Carrie Vaughn)
6:00pm Ghost Hunting 101 -- panel
8:00pm Gaming: Call of Cthulhu
9:00am Authors Reading and Q&A: Carrie Vaughn
10:00am Horror Trivia Contest
 11:00am My Vamp's Better Than Your Vamp -- panel
12:00pm Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Presentation
3:00pm Authors Signing Party

Main Events - Warning! This schedule is extremely tentative. We EXPECT changes.

7:00pm Orthogenesis  - Q&A with the film's Producer/Director (Robert Berg, III) and Star (Joni Pierce) follows the film
9:00pm The Denise Crosby and Dean Haglund Comedy Show*
Alien - The Director's Cut (at The Continental Theater)* (12:30am Friday Night/Saturday morning)
9:00am Convention Orientation with Kevin Atkins
9:30am Wizard Jeopardy
11:00am Starfleet Academy: History 101
12:00pm Dwight Schultz & Dirk Benedict
1:00pm Gary Jones & Dean Haglund
2:00pm Fox Studios Presentation (Omen, X-Men 3, Pathfinder - Karl Urban & Moon Bloodgood)
3:30pm George Takei
4:30pm Trailer Park with Jeff Walker & Dave McDonnell - with Superman Trailer World Premiere
5:30pm Warner Brothers presents: A Scanner Darkly 27+ minute preview
6:00pm Tricia Helfer
7:00pm Starfest Play Parody
8:00pm Costume & Talent Showcase
10:00pm The Dean and Gary Show*
9:00am Convention Orientation with Kevin Atkins
9:30am Forbidden Planet 50th Anniversary Presentation
12:00pm Denise Crosby & Dwight Schultz
1:00pm Gary Jones & Dean Haglund
2:00pm Joe Flanigan
3:00pm Dirk Benedict
4:00pm Trailer Park with Dave McDonnell

* Event requiring additional admission ticket

Model Room

Friday 6:00 - 10:00 (registration all evening)
Saturday 9:00 - 6:00 (registration until noon)
Sunday 9:00 - 6:00

Panel Room 1

6:00pm Intergalactic Karaoke
9:00am Star Trek Fiction Preview by Pocket Books
10:00am Klingon Kulture
11:30am Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles
1:00pm Sci-Fi Game Show
3:00pm What if Star Wars Was...
4:30pm Trekkies w/ Denise Crosby Q&A follows the film
7:00pm Shadow Walkers Q&A with creators follows the film
9:00pm Firefly Documentary Done the Impossible Q&A with creators follows the film
9:30am Developing the Next Generation of Rocket Scientists
11:00am Starfleet Academy: Leadership Symposium 302
12:00pm Building a 66" USS Enterprise
1:30pm Star Trek Fiction Preview by Pocket Books
2:30pm Kevin and Dayton's Reader's Theater
3:30pm Kit Bashing the Star Wars Universe
4:30pm Firefly Documentary Done the Impossible Q&A with creators follows the film

Panel Room 2

10:00pm Filking
10:00am Juggling with an Altitude
11:00am Gorram Browncoats
12:00pm New Voyages Episodes
1:00pm Mix 100's Dom Testa: Sci-Fi for Young Adults
2:30pm World of Latex Mask Making and Much More
4:00pm Whose Ship Is It Anyway?
5:00pm Bat'leth 101
9:00pm Federation Ball
8:30am Quick-Build Costuming
11:00am Barb Garb
12:00pm Browncoats Trivia Challenge
1:30pm Star Wars Fandom

Panel Room 3

6:00pm Looney Labs "Little Experiment"
8:00pm Are You a Werewolf?
9:00pm Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
10:00am Fan Fiction Panel
11:00am Alien Crafts with the USS Pioneer
1:00pm Amtgard
2:30pm Starfleet Academy: Life Skills 101
3:30pm Engine Trouble - A Quest
5:00pm Kooking with Kroesh
6:30pm open
9:00pm Federation Ball
8:30am Quick-Build Costuming
11:00am Utopia Planitia
1:00pm Looney Labs "Little Experiment"
3:00pm Starfleet Academy: Engineering 103
4:30pm Klingon Warrior's Tournament

Panel Room 4

6:00pm Props 101
7:00pm Props 102
11:00am Looney Labs "Little Experiment"
1:00pm Are You a Werewolf?
2:00pm MileHi Con Challenge Panel: Coolest Ride in the Universe
3:00pm Rune Readings
4:00pm So, You Want to Write a Star Trek Story?
10:00am So, You Want to Write a Star Trek Story?
11:00am Rune Readings
12:30pm Christie Golden
2:00pm Compare/Contrast Harry Potter, Beauty & the Beast, Lord of the Rings

Rally Point/Avistrum (Pikes Peak Mezzanine Level)

8:00am Stargate SG-1 "Window of Opportunity"
8:45am Stargate SG-1 "2010"
9:30am Stargate Atlantis "The Defiant One"
10:15am Costuming and Prop-Making Panel
11:45am Presentation of the REAL Cheyenne Mountain
12:45pm Iris closed for Gary Jones Q&A in Main Events
2:00pm Show and tell of Stargate props and costumes
3:00pm Iris closed; clear room
3:15pm Stargate SG-1 200th episode celebration
4:30pm How to build your own Stargate
5:00pm Photo opportunity with Stargate backdrop
5:30pm "Is there a Stargate?" featurette
6:00pm Stargate Atlantis "38 Minutes"
6:45pm Stargate SG-1 "Urgo"
7:30pm General Stargate discussion/auction ends
8:00pm Special Edition Stargate: The Movie
10:00am Quidditch Cup Tournament Begins
11:00am Practical Magic Class
12:00pm Miscellaneous Wizard Fun!
3:00pm Potions Class
4:00pm Quidditch Cup Tournament Winners Announced
4:00pm-6:00pm Scene It: Harry Potter Edition

Registration (Convention Center Lobby)

Friday 5:00 - 10:00
Saturday 9:00 - 6:00
Sunday 9:00 - 6:00

Superhero Theater

6:00pm Hero at Large (1980)
8:00pm Sky High (2005)
10:00pm Comic Book the Movie (2004) with Mark Hamill
10:00am Batman Beyond (1999) Animated with George Takei
11:30am Superboy (1961) and Superpup (1958) Unaired TV Pilots
12:00pm Smallville (2005) Run with the Flash
1:00pm Director Bryan Singer's Superman Returns Video Diaries
2:00pm Justice League Unlimited (2004) For the Man Who Has Everyting
2:30pm Superman Animated (1996) Brave New Metropolis
3:00pm Fan Films and Movie Trailers
4:00pm Lois and Clark (1993) A Bolt from the Blue with Denise Crosby
5:00pm Birds of Prey (2002) Prey for the Hunter with Joe Flanigan
6:00pm It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman (1975) Broadway Musical
7:30pm Superman: The Movie (1978)
10:00pm Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)
10:00am Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked (2003) Documentary
11:30am Fan Films and Movie Trailers
12:30pm Avengers: United They Stand (1999) Avengers Assemble
1:00pm Pryde of the X-Men (1989) Animated Pilot
1:30pm Generation X (1996) TV Movie
3:00pm Upcoming Superhero Movie and TV Projects Panel
4:00pm Spiderman Animated (1994) Doctor Strange with George Takei
4:30pm Fantastic Four (1994) Unreleased Feature

Video Room

6:00pm Serenity (The Movie) PG-13
8:00pm Doom (The Movie) not rated
10:00pm Chronicles of Riddick (w K Urban) R
8:00am Jumanji PG
10:00am Stargate: Atlantis "Sanctuary" with J Flanigan
11:00am Star Trek: The Next Generation Barclay episode with D Schultz
12:00pm Babylon 5 "The Long Dark" w D Schultz
1:00pm Battlestar Galactica "6 Degrees of Separation" w T Helfer
2:00pm Star Trek: The Next Generation "Skin of Evil" w D Crosby
3:00pm Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow PG
5:00pm Bourne Supremacy w J Stiles and K Urban
7:00pm Starfest Fan Film Festival
8:00am Zathura
10:00am Star Trek TOS "Naked Time" w G Takei
11:00am Stargate: SG1 "The Keeper" w D Schultz
12:00pm Star Trek: The Next Generation "Yesterday's Enterprise" w D Crosby
1:00pm Stargate: SG1 "Prometheus Unbound" w G Jones
2:00pm Stargate: Atlantis J Flanigan episode
3:00pm Battlestar Galactica (Movie 1978) w D Benedict
5:00pm Battlestar Galactica T Helfer episode


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