Starfest 2006 Guests

 Joe Flanigan - Major John Sheppard of Stargate: AtlantisTricia Helfer - Number 6 of Battlestar Galactica and Canadian Top ModelKarl Urban - Eomer of The Lord of the Rings and Ghost of The PathfinderMoon Bloodgood appearing at Starfest in the 20th Century Fox Presentation on PathfinderGeorge Takei - Sulu of Star TrekDwight Schultz of Star Trek and The A TeamDenise Crosby - Tasha Yar of Star Trek The Next GenerationDirk Benedict - Starbuck of Battlestar GalacticaGary Jones of Stargate SG1Dean Haglund of The X-Files and The Lone GunmenDr. Kevin Fitzgerald of Animal Planet's Emergency Vets
Kevin Dilmore - AuthorChristie Golden - Talented Denver AuthorDom Testa - Author of Galahad 1 and Galahad 2Carrie Vaughn - Author of Kitty and the Midnight HourBarb Hendee and JC Hendee - Authors coming to Starfest 2006Dayton Ward - Author

Actors: Joe Flanigan - Tricia Helfer - Karl Urban - Moon Bloodgood - George Takei - Dwight Schultz - Denise Crosby - Dirk Benedict - Gary Jones - Dean Haglund - Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald
Authors: Kevin Dilmore
- Christie Golden - Barb & JC Hendee - Dave McDonnell - Dom Testa - Carrie Vaughn - Dayton Ward
Cool Dudes: Jeff Walker - Kevin Atkins

Jeff Walker
Jeff is Hollywood's top Sci-Fi Consultant. How would you like to work with guys like Steven Spielberg, Dean Devlin, and James Cameron?  That's Jeff's job!  He's the guy all the big movie studios go to when they want to make a science fiction film. That's because Jeff has worked on most of the top money making films of all time. Why wouldn't those guys want him on their team?!! Count on Jeff to blow your socks off with news and previews fresh from the studios on all the hot upcoming summer movies.

Jeff recently Executive Produced and acted in the comedy Dean Quixote, directed by own his son Orion. He has also produced and edited numerous "Making of" videos and promotional theatrical shorts. His acting roles include: Johnny Got His Gun, Fifth Guy, The Panic in Needle Park, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and Up the Down Staircase.



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