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The Convention is designed for just about everyone. There are ticket options that allow you to come for a day or the whole weekend. For most people, the convention is an immersive experience. That’s why we call it a Weekend of Science Fiction Overload. For the uninitiated, you can start out with just a Friday ticket and find out what this Starfest thing is all about. If you get hooked, we’ll let you upgrade your membership at the show and charge you only the difference in price. Don’t you think you should find out what everybody’s been talking about?

A brief overview of the convention activities and ticket options

Friday programming starts at 6pm and continues way past midnight. You’ll be able to socialize late into the night, view some great videos, buy collectibles and get some autographs from our early-arriving guests. We’ve expanded our Friday programming from years past and now it includes lots of great parties, fun and games. We have even opened up our Main Events Room and expanded the early programming into that venue.

Saturday is the biggest day of the convention. The show starts at about 8AM and continues well past Midnight. Unfortunately, because of the multi-track programming at Starfest, there is no way to see and do everything. Events run simultaneously and you must pick and choose from the selection. We work really hard to program events that cater to just about everyone’s taste and interests. Keep in mind it’s very much like an all-you-can-eat buffet, everything looks great, but there is a limit to how much you can eat - pick and choose wisely! Keep in mind that most of the movie studio presentations are on Saturday so consult the program schedule carefully, we wouldn’t want you to miss any of the great World Premiere presentations and live presentations!

Saturday VIP - Lines and waiting for good seats can cause you to miss a lot at the convention. When you purchase a VIP membership, you free-up valuable time to see more stuff. VIP Members get a special express line at Registration, a special lanyard for your membership pass, and a Reserved Seat in the Main Events Room. Going VIP lets you say goodbye to seat camping through events you don’t really want to see because you are hoping to keep the seat for your favorite guests. See VIP seating notes for additional details.

Sunday is when many of the guest speakers are scheduled for their Q&A sessions to balance out the many movie studio presentations that take up much of the stage time on Saturday. It’s also easier to chat a little more with some of the actors that have been there for the whole weekend - since they have more time to talk.

Sunday VIP - Just like the Saturday VIP, you’ll experience less line waiting and seat camping by having your own Reserved Seat in the Main Events Room and a special lanyard for your membership pass. Since there are also less VIP seats sold on Sunday, you usually get a better Reserved Seat if you’re trying to decide between Saturday or Sunday. But keep in mind that we reserve even better seats for the people that buy 3-Day VIP passes. See VIP seating notes for additional details.

3-Day VIP - If you want to experience the entire weekend and all the guests, this is the Membership for you! You get all the perks of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday tickets - PLUS - a much better reserved seat than offered to the single-day VIPs in the Main Events Room. We reserve the front center section for our Weekend Reserved Seating guests (just behind Platinum Members). See VIP seating notes for details.

Platinum 3-Day VIP - You can experience all the perks of a 3-Day VIP membership and more when you purchase a Platinum 3-Day VIP membership! The VERY BEST seats in our Main Events Room are specially reserved for Platinum 3-Day VIP members. The Platinum memberships include merchandise discounts, special giveaways, priority autograph lines and seating seniority at future conventions. See Platinum Membership details. Note: Platinum membership does not include any autograph fees that guests may be charging, but it does shorten your time in the autograph lines.

Lodging - Rather than having to lug around all the stuff you pick up at the convention, having to worry about getting back and forth from home every night, and being able to stay awake during the whole weekend of sensory overload - why not just get a room and stay at the convention? Operators are standing by to book you a great room at The Marriott DTC at an incredibly-low convention rate, just call 303.779.1100.

VIP Seating Notes
VIP Seating is for the Guest Speakers and Specific Reserved Seating events in the Main Events room. Those events are noted on the convention schedule. Seating in the Main Events Room is similar to a concert venue, seats closest to the stage are reserved and the seats on the sides and in the back are for General Admission ticket holders.  Having a VIP Membership allows you to come and go throughout the day and know that your assigned seat will be waiting for you when you come back.  

You need to be in your reserved seat 10 minutes prior to the reserved seating events you want to attend. Five minutes prior to an event, the empty reserved seats are opened to General Admission Members. We do this to make sure that the seats closest to the front are full before our guests come on stage. All we want them to see is room full of happy people anxious to see them.


Membership Comparison Chart

General Admission VIP Admission Platinum Membership
Convention Admission* Convention Admission* Convention Admission*
  Reserved Seating The Best
Reserved Seats
  Express Registration Express Registration
    Early Seating Selection
    10% Discount at Starland
    Express Autograph Line

*Convention Admission includes all regularly scheduled events at the convention - Guest Speakers, Studio Presentations, Activities, and Panels. Special performances and certain activities may include an additional fee as noted in the Activities and Schedule. Most of the actors charge for autographs - that is not included.

Autograph Tickets

It’s one thing to see your favorite actors on stage during the Q&A sessions, but to meet them face to face and get a personally signed item from them takes your convention experience to a whole different level.

What you have signed is up to you (within the bounds of good taste). You can bring something from home, get a photo or some other item from the dealer’s room, or even purchase a special photo from the guest right at the autograph table. Some people even like to get their program books signed.

You can purchase autograph tickets online prior to the convention or at the Autograph Ticket booth just outside the Dealers Room. Autograph times will be posted at the Autograph tables during the convention. You are entitled to one autograph per autograph ticket, but there is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase.

Each guest is scheduled to sign for a limited amount of time. If you should be unable to get a guest’s autograph before the guest has finished signing, your autograph ticket is fully refundable.

Each guest has two Autograph lines – one for Platinum Members and one for everyone else. The lines alternate to keep both lines moving.


Photo with the Stars

How would you like to take home a professional 8x10 photo print of you with your favorite star from the convention? While we would like to offer this opportunity to everyone, due to time constraints, there will only be a very limited number of tickets available for each Photo with the Stars session.

Your Photo with the Stars ticket entitles you to pose with the guest of your choice at the Photo with the Stars Studio. Shortly after your photo is taken you will be able to pick it up. We’ve timed the photo sessions so you’ll have an opportunity to have your picture signed after the photo session (requires a separate ticket) during your guest’s autograph session.

Photo with the Stars tickets entitle you to one photo. Groups are allowed to pose in the photo, but each person in the group must purchase a photo ticket (each person will also receive a copy of the photo). You can order your photo tickets online or purchase them at the convention until they are sold out.

Note: This doesn't mean you can't take pictures of the guests at the convention. We happily encourage still photography at the show - we do not, however, allow (and never have) video taping at the show. You will be asked to leave the convention if you attempt to videotape any of the activities at the show without prior written permission.



All ticket prices are subject to change at anytime, but most have not changed for over 3 years.

Membership Prices


Child (6-10 years)










Friday $12/$15 $6/$8
VIP 3-Day



VIP Saturday Only



VIP Sunday Only



2-Punch Platinum $225

Kids under 6 are free.  Child prices are for kids 6-10 years old.  Ages 11 and up are considered adults.  If you have a child under 6 and wish to purchase assigned seating for that child, you will need to call Starland (303-757-5850) to make arrangements.  The convention is great for families, however, there is not room for toddlers to sit on your lap in The Main Events Room. All prices are higher at the door.

  Photo with the Stars

Autograph Tickets

Dirk Benedict $30 $24
Denise Crosby $30 $24
Joe Flanigan $35 $30
Dean Haglund $30 $24
Tricia Helfer $35 $30
Gary Jones $30 $24
Dwight Schultz $30 $24
George Takei $30 $24

The autograph schedule will be posted at the convention. Having an autograph ticket does not guarantee you an autograph in the event that demand exceeds the time allotted. Autograph tickets are fully refundable and therefore cannot be replaced if they are lost or stolen.

Denise Crosby and Dean Haglund Comedy Show Friday Night at 9pm


Join Q (Dean Haglund) on his exciting new adventure to the alpha quadrant where he forces the Enterprise and her crew to abandon their rescue mission and partake in a deadly game. The major player Q decides to test is Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), who is given Q's Power and offered full membership in his continuum. Will Tasha save Wesley and Worf from the hostile fanged animal soldiers? Will Geordi get his vision back? Will Data finally be human? What's a girl to do with all that power? All these questions and more will be answered in this hilarious new improv adventure Hide and Q.


Anyone who currently has tickets to the Friday Dean & Gary show, please hold onto them. They can be used for this new show. The price for the Friday show is $22.

The Dean and Gary Show Saturday Night 10pm

Comedic geniuses Gary Jones and Dean Haglund have a comic history almost as old the cosmos itself. Gary's career began in 1984 with Toronto's famed Second City Theatre while Dean began life in the comedy trenches as a stand-up comic. Both met at the Vancouver Theatresports League where they headed up the cast of the semi-scripted, semi-improvised smash hit, "Star Trik: The Musical," as Captain James T. Quirk and Mr. Spork. Since then they've appeared in countless feature films and television shows. Nothing that Gary and Dean have done, though, can compare to the sheer mass appeal of their respective recurring characters of, "Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman," of STARGATE: SG:1 and Lone Gunman, "Ringo Langly," of the X-FILES. Come and witness AN IMPROV ENTERPRISE and see what everyone's talking about as Gary and Dean travel the universe, with the help of audience suggestions and the occasional doomed audience member in a red shirt, to make the universe and a safer and dare we say, more hilarious place for all mankind.

They will be performing one show at Starfest on Saturday night at 10pm. The price for the Saturday night show is $22.00.


Purchase Tickets

Advance-purchase online ticketing is now closed. But you can still get tickets at our ticket outlets and at the convention. Just go to our registration desk at the show  - don't worry, we never sell-out.


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