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HorrorFest Activities

Horrorfest Extras Room
This is the room at HorrorFest where you’ll find all the extra fun stuff! We’ll have contests, author signings, a freebie table, and more!

Independent Film Screening Room
New this year to Horrorfest! This is where you’ll see screenings from all of our independent film companies attending HorrorFest. We also show independent films from other companies and up-and-coming new directors. See the schedule for all the films we will be screening over the weekend.

Horrorfest Panels
This year we have some great panels in store for you! Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society returns with crowd favorite the “Paranormal Game Show” and a brand new panel “The Science of the Paranormal." All of our authors will be presenting panels as well. For the younger crowd, we have our kid-friendly event, “Make Your Own Horror Coloring Book” and of course “Horror Trivia” will be returning with your host Peri Charlifu. See below for a listing and description of some of our fabulous panels!

Making Dahmer vs. Gacey
Jed Rowen and Ethan Phillips present an extended trailer for this new film and talk about the making of the film.

The Art of No Budget Filmmaking
Join our attending filmmakers for a discussion of creating exciting independent films with little or no budget. With Jason Stephenson and Joe Knetter of Not For the Squeamish Productions, Richard Taylor of Bizjack Flemmco Productions, and others.

The Two Fisted Female in Fiction
Author Jeanne Stein invites you to join in the discussion of the women who kick butt in fiction.

“Dead Air”
Patricia Tallman talks about her upcoming horror film!

The Pro’s and Con’s of Slasher Films
A discussion with your host Reggie McDaniel. Can slasher films be done well? Have they been?

Colorado X – Case Files of the Paranormal
Stop in and learn all about this exciting new show being shot right here in Colorado!

Warning Radio
The extremely popular web radio show will broadcast live from Horrorfest with you as a live audience!

What Would You Like to See in Horror Fiction?
Carrie Vaughn hosts this discussion on what you the fan would like to see in horror fiction that hasn’t been done yet.

Horror Video

Friday night we are pleased to present “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with Cast in the Aspen Theater at midnight!

Saturday we celebrate 30 years of “Friday the 13th” and pay tribute to camp slasher films all day and into the night ending with “His Name Was Jason – 30 Years of Friday the 13th”. We’ll also take time out to premier the new film from NFTS Productions, “Terror Overload – Tales From Satan’s Truckstop” starring Ari Lehman and Scarlet Salem.

Sunday we’re digging up some films starring StarFest and HorrorFest guests, Patricia Tallman, William Katt, Robert Picardo, and Ethan Phillips.