Suspended Animation Suspended Animation
by Michael Vance & Jon Suter

  "From Fort Worth to Deadwood they threw hot lead! Killers and robbers, who....loot and steal! And on their trail came a lone rider…"

  Despite this exciting introduction to "Tim Colt, U.S. Marshal", riders in the Old West weren't really alone. "The Durango Kid", "The Ghost Rider", "The Presto Kid", "The Black Phantom", "The B-Bar-B Riders". "The Lemonade Kid", "The Calico Kid" and "White Indian" were just some of the cowboys from one comics publisher in the '40s and '50s, Magazine Enterprises.

  These western heroes ride again in Best of the West, a new compilation of these old comic book hombres, available from Paragon Publishing.

  I reckon you coyotes wont get much shut-eye readin' these rip- roarin' adventures. Tarnation, these stories are full of the language, trappings and settings that make the Western a genre. Buckaroos wantin' straight forward adventure, simple morality tales of prairie justice and little time wasted on characterization or plot twists will find it here.

  Back when men were men, women were women and men preferred horses, artists also knew how to draw stories without a lot of fancy frills. These range artists range from outstanding to average.

  As an added value, there is an extensive and excellent history of several of the radio shows and movie stars that were featured in Magazine Enterprise titles.

  Best of the West is recommended for western fans, readers interested in comics history and for anyone who enjoys adventure.

  Best of the West/$9.95, 101 pgs./various writers and artists/sold in comics shops and by mail.

  MINIVIEW: Concrete: Think Like A Mountain [Dark Horse]. Ron Lithgow was kidnapped by aliens who transplanted his brain into a rock-like body. This story of his struggle to adjust to a bizarre new life continues in one of the best comics published. Its one fault, an obsession with environmental issues, is overshadowed by outstanding writing and art.

  Highest recommendation.

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1997 Starland