Suspended Animation Suspended Animation
by Michael Vance & Jon Suter

Fooled ya!

An alien is driven to Earth only to be cloned without his initial knowledge.

But that's not what Red Rocket 7 is really about.

See. I told you you were fooled.

Mike Allred's newest comic book is about the alien's clones and their impact on our culture and history beginning in 1954.

In particular, it is about the birth and evolution of rock and roll music as viewed through the eyes of clone #2, a guitarist who is the Forrest Gump of comics.

Well written and drawn, it is an especially fun romp because Allred is so apt at capturing both the feel of the times and the look of the musicians.

Red Rocket 7, as is true for all of Allred's work, is recommended.


Red Rocket 7 #s 2-4/24 pgs. & $3.96 each, Dark Horse/art & story by Mike Allred/sold in comic shops and by mail.

980306.gif (21224 bytes)Something old is new again.

Or vice versa.

The architecture and clothing of The 8th Wonder suggests nineteenth century setting. But the technology mixed in with the nuts and wrenches and giant mechanical windup toy that looks like a modem Japanese robot is definitely advanced beyond our science.

That's just part of the fun of this comic.

Its Jules Verne plot is another part of the fun as a vast power struggle messes with an inventor's life.

That's only another part of the fun that is highly augmented by marvelous art.

The best part is the whole.

The worst part is that three serialized segments that make up this one issue wonder often segue poorly into one another.

The whole is so wholly fun, however, that you won't mind.

That's why I don't actually mind recommending this tongue-in-cheek romp into the future past or the past future. MV.

The 8th Wonder/24 pgs., $2.95. Dark Horse/Story: Peter Janes, Art: Killian Plunkett; collecting the stories that first appeared in Dark Horse Presents #s 85-87/sold in comics shops and by mail.

1998 Starland