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980522a1.jpg (14205 bytes)May 22, 1998 - Reviews on Myst & The Land of Nod

Myst #s 0 & 1/11pgs. $? and 22 pgs. and $2.95 ea.. from Dark Horse/words: Chris Ulm, art: Kirk Van Wormer/sold in comic shops or by mail.

We all yearn for a better world where life seems more intense, full of adventure and wonder. Good and evil are clearly defined, magic replaces science, and even death and war seem noble.

These icons are the foundations of the ancient genre of fantasy.

Myst, the comic book, is based on Myst, the role-playing game, and does not stray from the conventions of the genre.

980522a2.jpg (26832 bytes)It is an adventure begun in issue 0 "in a world entered through a book, where pages became the key to the journey.

That sounds like The Neverending Story.

It is an adventure continued in the next issue by Sirrus and Achenar, two teenage boys who enter the forbidden, supra mundane worlds of Myst against the wishes of their parents.

And it is an adventure that ends firmly planted on the foundational conventions of fantasy.

That sound like it lacks originality, which is true of almost all story.

It sounds like that became it does. But, thankfully, the story does not end there.

Originality is not the only measure of excellence.

Myst is very well written. It is entertainingly paced, characters are clearly defined, dialog is crisp and believable and the plot, although holding no surprises, is still fun.

The saving strength of this new series, however, lies in the art. It is jump-off-the-page gorgeous, reality based and dynamic. Its visual pacing is flawless, the coloring is excellent and adds an other-worldly diffuse lighting that is completely appropriate. Even anatomy and architecture are accurate.

So, what more could a fantasy fan want?


And more issues of Myst.

Recommended. MV.

980522b1.jpg (27052 bytes) Miniview: The Land of Nod #1 [Dark Horse] is one of the best comics that you won't buy because it looks like a 'kiddie' comic. Let's see you recapture the innocence, wonder and joy of childhood like Melanie and her friends.


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