Suspended Animation Suspended Animation
by Michael Vance & Jon Suter

May 30, 1998

    Starkid/22 pgs., $2.95, Dark Horse Comics/writer: Manny Coto; artist: John Stokes/sold at comics shops, newsstands and by mail.

    Comics aren't just for kids anymore. That's because most kids can't afford them.

    But can those who can afford comics miss "an exciting prequel to the sci-fi adventure film, Starkid?


    The art is nice although the beleaguered aliens in Starkid look too much like shaved versions of the Ewoks from Star Wars.

    The story is nice although there is nothing original tucked away in its science-fiction clichés.

    Two alien races are at war, and a battle suit with amazing powers falls into the hands of an Earth kid.

    Starkid is that most maligned of all comics, nice (a.k.a. average). It's neither brilliant nor dull, innovative nor completely derivative, exciting nor a yawn.

    Jaded and experienced SF fans will enjoy it less than young readers.

    Recommended for the young. Mild Violence.

    The Wind in the Willows #1/32 pgs., hardback, $15.95 from NBM/adapted by Michael Plessix/sold in comics and book stores or by mail.

    "In the face of such kindness, Mole couldn't hold back an emotional tear or two.

    Neither will you.

    Mole and Toad and Rat live in a quiet gentle world where you and I once lived as children.

    It is a life of "simple pleasures and innocent thrills," small adventures and the warmth of being snuggled down tightly in the crook of your mother's or fathers arm as they read to you.

    Another simple pleasure is the beautiful art in this adaptation by a European artist who deserves much praise for snuggling close to the original by Kenneth Grahame.

    He is particularly wonderful at landscapes and rustic buildings, and draws a mean Rat as well.

    In the turmoil of daily life, The Wind in the Willows is a quiet refuge, a gentle return to simplicity.

    Your child, inner or otherwise, will love Plessix's adaptation of this classic children's book. It is highly recommended. Mild Violence.

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