Suspended Animation
Suspended Animation
by Michael Vance & Dr. Jon Suter

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April 28, 1999

Reviews in this issue:

The Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious
3X3eyes: Curse of the Gesu

The Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious

Each 24 pages at $2.95 each. Published by Dark Horse Comics and sold at comics shops and by mail.

"So, by their ludicrously exploitative clothing and their mindlessly destructive behavior, says the talk show hostess, "the Dirty Pair only reinforce the popular stereotype that Lucien Upgrades [genetically enhanced humans] are 'beautiful, healthy, and dumb as posts."'

Well, yes and no. They are bimbos with eyes the size of saucers, bikinis the size of saucers and saucers the size of saucers. They are not manga stereotypes.

That saucer pun is why this, and not previous series about The Dirty Pair, is good manga. This is traditional Japanese comic book adventure spiked with a poke in the ribs of traditional manga.

In fact, this is poke salad, Anne. This Dirty Pair is chock full of subtle satire because Adam Warren, the artist and writer of Fatal But Not Serious, obviously loves manga.

And he only hurts the ones he loves.

Yuri and Kei are two agents of a pan galactic organization who counter threats to humanity. In this mini-series, these wild, sexy females attend a convention held in their honor to improve their public images. But adoration turns into arsenic when their fans are injected with hate virus, intrigue and violence build into chaos and a supernova destroys an entire planetary system.

That's how satire works, of course. Straight faced, one exaggerates silliness. And with manga so full of disjointed storytelling, cloying cuteness, widely varying art styles and inappropriately explosive emotion, manga satire is easy and fun.

This series, however, offers excellent storytelling, an ear for dialog, an eye for characterization, and a head for plot.

Take Yuri two hundred and ninety five senses to the store and buy it.

Highly recommended.

3X3eyes: Curse of the Gesu

Published by Dark Horse Comics. Flat art, disjointed storytelling, a cloying cuteness at inappropriate times, and wild swings in artistic styles makes this title everything you always wanted to no about manga.

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