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December 8, 1999

Comics Legend Stan Lee - The X-Files - Los Omnipotents - Hello Lawton

Comics Legend Stan Lee

    Stan Lee was the most influential writer, editor and publisher of The Silver Age of Comics. Beginning as an office boy in the '40's, Lee rose through the ranks of Marvel Comics and elevated the company as he did so into the largest comics publisher in the world.

    Lee's success is tied to the genius of artists Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. With them, he co-created or recreated The X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Daredevil, The Silver Surfer and dozens of other superheroes.

    Lee also co-pioneered the Marvel style of writing and drawing comics. Each title was drawn from a plot summary, then Lee added dialog and captions to finished art, strengthening the artist's role in the storytelling.

    In addition, he demythologized a superhero genre in which characters had grown so powerful and perfect that readers had difficulty identifying with their adventures. Layers of subplots and personal problems revitalized Lee's gods-like-men and attracted throngs of new fans.

    Sub-plots began to spill over from one title into another and a seemingly coherent "universe" was created in which all plots were related to and were affected by every other title. Following story continuity became a hobby in itself, increasing readership loyalty to Lee's Marvel Comics.

    These new fans were treated like valued, intelligent members of Marvel's 'family' through Lee's responses to their letters and through his editorial columns.

    It would be difficult to overstate his influence on the entire art and industry of comics in the world today. And in the words of Marvel "True Believers", that's...'nough said.

    Among Lee's best are the first thirty-eight issues of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and the first one hundred and eight issues of THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Stan Lee is highly recommended for entertainment.

    Published over many years, these may be difficult to locate. A price guide or comics dealer will help. Comic book shops, mail order companies, trade journals and comics conventions are best sources. Prices vary widely; shop around.

The X-Files

    The silliness called Psychobabble is psychology based on faulty or nonexistent science. Now, there's a new babble in town.

    A confusion of myths from Atlantis to Zulus with wings-- our metaphysical beliefs from all times and nations--metababble is hot!

    And metababble is kept in The X-Files.

    Government agents Mulder and Scully investigate metababble on television and in the new comic book. In current issues, they travel to St. Elias, Alaska. Atlantis is buried under the ice there.

    In Atlantis, someone has rediscovered that eating a person gives the eater the eaten's knowledge. This ancient myth of cannibalism is given veracity by the new discovery that all knowledge is stored in human DNA. Adding to the silliness, Aztecs and Toltecs have also become the Lost Tribe of Israel.

    This is metababble, fun unless taken seriously.

    Taken with a grain of salt is the art of this series. It's clean, interesting storytelling with one major fault Neither Scully nor Mulder look like Scully or Mulder.

    Also salty is the written word. Stefan Petrucha has done his homework according to a long list of reference materials. He understands that adding layers of myth makes metaphysical confusion almost believable and a fun read.

    In addition, unfolding plot, and characterization are intriguing. Much is promised in this half of the two-part "shocker", "Silent Cities Of The Mind".

    But you wont be shocked. You won't throw this is the "round" file, either.

    Taken with a large grain of salt is the price of The X Files, which follows the standard rules of packaging like page count and paper quality. Why is it so high?

    The X Files #8 is 22 pages in length and priced at $2.95 each from Topps Comics.  Written by Stephan Petrucha, art by Charles Adlard.

Los Omnipotents

Published by El Wendigo, contains comics articles and a long, well drawn futuristic comics drama filled with ugliness and violence. For mature Spanish reading comics fans.

Hello Lawton

    We salute our Suspended Animation readers in the Lawton (Okla.) Constitution newspaper. Drop us a line sometime!

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