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      Violent. twisted, sick ex-convicts sell revenge to the highest violent, twisted, sick bidders in Cross, an adult comic book miniseries with a difference.

      It is good. Sorta.

      How is violence, sickness and revenge by a clutch of perverted outcasts good?

      Plot, dialog and characterization are actually much better than good as these thugs strong arm societal lice like skinheads, stalkers and rapists.

      There is a stink in the stew, however.

      There is also a problem with the art. Its 'realistic' style and visual storytelling serve the story without attracting attention to itself- -something that isn't popular today.

      Indeed, this is an almost flawless marriage of words and art.

      The smell in Cross is that this a story of scum killing scum. When there is no good to contrast evil, those who simply attack slowly become heroes. They are not.

      You doubt me? Contrast the credo of these mercenaries - 'no involvement unless for self-protection or for money' - with love God... and your neighbor as you do yourself’.

      Highly Recommended, but only for adults who find nudity, violence and the blurring of right and wrong acceptable.

      Review by Michael Vance

      Cross numbers 1-6 come in at 28 pages and are priced at $2.95 each from Dark Horse Comics. The story is by Andrew Vachss and James Colbert; script: Chet Williamson; pencils: Shannon Londin-Gallant.

Miniview: Morphos The Shapechanger

      Published by Dark Horse.

      A perfect man able to shape-shift is created from Merlin's hair. This final work from master cartoonist Burne Hogarth recaptures the fantasy and adventure storytelling of the '30s and '40s. Hogarth's real anatomy is a joy compared to the faked bodies polluting comics.

      Review by Michael Vance

Miniview, Two: Walter: Campaign of Terror

      Published by Dark Horse.

      Rank with black humor, penciled with a hard edge and written with more than a tongue in cheek, an incorruptible man monster is manipulated by a corrupt city. Recommended.

      Review by Michael Vance

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