Shock Rockets

     Kurt Busiek is a wonderful writer as most comic readers who have indulged themselves in this medium for any substantial amount of time know. For that reason, it may come as no surprise to hear praise for his most recent creation, Shock Rockets.

     Alejandro Cru: is a disenchanted young man, not content to be a treatment plant worker like his family members. Unfortunately, in a world recovering from a war with an alien race, some people get no choice about what they will do, or how they will fit in a society still being reconstructed. Alejandro does have a skill, however, he is gifted in mechanics and electronics, and daydreams of a life as part of the Shock Rockets.

     The Rockets are a group of professional pilots in state-of-the-art aircraft, and on the frontline of Earth's defenses. But when one of the Shock Rockets is shot down during battle by one of Earth's most successful military men gone renegade, Cruz gets the chance to show what he can do as he commandeers the craft.

      Shock Rockers is entertaining from start to finish. Busiek does a wonderful job setting up background information on the characters and the world in which they live. Indications from issue one are that Busiek is setting up a story that will be of great interest to science fiction and action fans alike.

     At the same time, however, characterization is not sacrificed. Alejandro's frustration with his family's expectations for his future "shovelin' algae", makes the reader anxious to see him do something better, and more meaningful. Eliciting such feelings for a character in this day and age is worth more than a dozen different multiple covers.

     Stuart Immonen's artwork is wonderful! He is a great action-oriented artist, and also has a talent for characterization.

     With Immonen and Busiek at the helm, and fan word of mouth, Shock Rockets could be Gorilla Comics' first big hit.

     Review by MN. Shock Rockets is 32 pages and priced at $2.50 from Gorilla Comics. Published by Image Comics.