Blood and Sunder

     Pure and simple, this comic book is a paper Creature Feature.

     You remember those 1950s movies about giant birds or bugs or lizards that used to light up drive-in theaters and now flicker on television screens at, three o'clock in the morning. Them. It. The Creature From Somewhere Else.

     This is like one of Them, those movies you either love or hate. 

     What it isn't like is other comic books.

     The pages of Blood and Sunder are oversized.

     The artist uses an air-brushed, raw style that looks like colored chalk on a sidewalk or on corrugated paper. Subtle, vertical lines run the length of each page, and an over-abundance of a flesh-tone too deeply pink creates a look that is startlingly different.

     Straight-forward and unadorned, the story is unabashedly fun.

     And just like Godzilla or The Tingler, you will either love or hate it.

     Blood and Sunder #1 $4.95 & 22 pgs. from Rip Roarin' Comics/words: Neil Atwood; art: James Reade/sold in comics shops, by mail and internet.

Marked by the Beast

     Profanity. Sex. Violence. Drugs.

     These are not a few of my favorite things. They are, however, at the top of the list for artists who scream about freedom of press while exploiting each for what they are, the most base of human emotions. 

     Raw, ugly anger.

     This is among the worst of human emotions and lies at the very heart of Marked by the Beast, possibly the most unexploitive comic to ever carry so much profanity, sex and violence.

     Well written and with a scratchy art appropriate to its reality-based subject, this title is probably the best comic ever not recommended in this column.

     Because of its treatment of its subject, it should not be read by young children. Because of its naked truth, Marked by the Beast deserves to be read.

     Who should read it is beyond my discernment.

     Marked by the Beast/$2.95 & 32 pgs, Rip Roaring Comics/art and story: James Reade/sold in comics shops, by mail and internet.

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