The Coffin

The Coffin

     I can honestly say that I have never read a comic book
quite like The Coffin. I mean that in a good way. The Coffin is the unusual story of a scientist who, in the process of creating strong, lightweight polymers for use in the medical field (casts, prosthetics, etc.), develops a body suit, or "coffin", as it is called, that is so impermeable it actually contains the human soul. As would be expected, said scientist (Dr. Ashar Ahmad) is forced to enter the suit himself upon being ushered from this life. I will leave the "why's" for future readers.

     One of the themes in this book is of a particular interest; that of the minuteness of man, and the vastness of the spiritual world. I must admit that as a Christian minister, I have been frustrated at times with the attitude of "intellectuals" who have no time for what they consider the nonsensical thoughts of eternity, not to mention eternal consequences. 

     Writer Phil Hester weaves a tail that is as thrilling as it is macabre. From the gruesome way one hundred and forty-four year old antagonist "Mr. Heller" sustains his own life, to Ahmad's struggle to come to grips, as a scientist,  with his situation, Hester's story mesmerizes as it delivers shock after intelligent shock.

     Mike Huddleston is the artist on this book, and hands in absolutely stellar work. His black and white renditions are of a dark, almost surrealistic style that perfectly compliments the content. I must grudgingly admit to knowing nothing of his work previous to this book. I intend, however, to start digging.

     Though an engrossing read, The Coffin is not recommended for children, as it does present a few very disturbing images.

     The Coffin can be acquired through your local comic book store (call 1-888-comicbook to find out where it is) or by logging on to and running a search for The Coffin.

     The Coffin, published by Oni Press Inc., 32 pages, $2.95. 

     Review by Mark Allen

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