The Ray Bradbury Chronicles


Ray Bradbury Chronicles     Ray Bradbury. The very name will elicit memories of utter amazement and wonder for those who have thrilled to the words of his many fictional tales. To some, this man is science fiction, in all of its glory, and in all of the ways it is able to inspire, captivate, and completely absorb the reader. It's no wonder, then, that a three-volume set of graphic adaptations, or comic books, if you will, are at the top of this columnist's list of works that should be read by those infinitely familiar with the genre, as well as those who simply enjoy a good story.

     My friends, allow me to introduce you to The Ray Bradbury Chronicles.

     Chronicles is an anthology series, in which the stories are as diverse as the artistic styles used to illustrate them. Some of the greatest graphic story illustrators in the business, such as Tim Truman, P. Craig Russell, Dave Gibbons, Al Williamson and Wally Wood, get to express their artistic impressions of some of Bradbury's most unusual, and memorable work.

     It is not, however, all science fiction, as the man whom many consider to be one of the greatest fiction writers of all time penned stories that were as chilling and macabre, as others were brimming with images of rockets, robots, space-travel and aliens. In fact, there may be no better way to experience and appreciate the diversity of Bradbury's work than with graphic adaptations. From his stories of colorful, nearly utopian futuristic worlds, to those futures where mankind's love for war, as well as his most base characteristics lead to utter ruin, Bradbury's sheer imagination shines through the medium of sequential art.

     Comic shops, bookstores, and on-line auctions are all good places to look for The Ray Bradbury Chronicles. I have also seen them, in hard and soft-back form, at For a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook.

     The Ray Bradbury Chronicles, volumes 1,2 and 3, published by Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc., 80 pages, prices vary. 

     Review by Mark Allen

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