Think Outside the Cat Box
Think Outside the Cat Box

     This comics anthology is for people who love cats, and people who hate cats. If that sounds illogical, you have never met a cat. 

     Think Outside the Cat Box is a comic strip anthology that offers an easy way to met cats at a distance, which is the best place for any frustrating feline. 


     For one reason, cats shed hair like Think... sheds light on cats. "Listen," complains a lady holding a puss before a puzzled salesman. "I'm sick of vacuuming fur-could you just color-match a carpet to this?" 

     For another reason, picture a long- haired cat standing on a mountain above a mob of felines. In the crook of his arm is an engraved tablet that reads: Thou Shalt Not Obey. 

     Got the idea? Good. Now, the art. 

     Of interest is that the art in Think..., while obviously sufficient, is not out-standing. Minimal attention is paid to correct anatomy, perspective or lighting. There is little attempt to ape reality. 

     This is common in widely popular comic strips that focus on idea over art. It is no longer true in comic books where art overshadows every other aspect of storytelling and readers are leaving in droves. 

     Isn't it a purrrrfect shame that readers rarely get great idea and art? 

     If art does imitate life, maybe some clever editor will discover this secret when he imitates cats and sleeps on it. 

     Think.... is recommended for all ages. 

     Think Outside the Cat Box by Mark Parisi/$12.95, 148 pgs., Plan Nine /sold in book and comics shops, by mail and at  

     Review by Michael Vance 


Zoot Scooter
Zoot Scooter     Influenced by rough-edged underground comics from the '60s, this homage to low-budget SF movies is an unpolished gem. A low-budget production in its own write, it's art (and words) for the artists' sake, and as a labor of love will please some readers and leave others out, of sorts. Its art is thick, distinctive and occasionally clumsy. Its words are light, tight and occasionally whimsical. Published by Rip Roarin' Comics.

     Review by Michael Vance 

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