Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville

Fuzz 01     Fuzz is a cuddly bear. Pluck is a plucked chicken. Fuzz is reliable, hard working, quiet, and victimized. Pluck is erasable, defiant and victimized. Fuzz and Pluck are not characters in a children's book.

     It isn't written like a child's book.

     Fuzz and Pluck work at Lardy's, a dirty, fast food restaurant, as bus or delivery 'boys'. Their sordid lives take a turn for the worse as Fuzz is sent on a delivery and brutalized by a guard dog, and Pluck gets into a fistfight with an insulting customer. Pluck is fired from Lardy's only to be hired as a gladiator at a floating casino.

     Is there hope for Fuzz and Pluck?

Fuzz 02     Despite the oddball and intriguing setting and talking animals, Splitsville is written as if Fuzz and Pluck live in this world. Dialog and characterizations are realistic. Most amazing of all, there is neither profanity, drug use nor graphic sex in a title that otherwise looks like an underground comic.  

     Splitsville isn't drawn like a child's book.

     It is drawn with a scratchy, unsophisticated style that some readers will find interesting and others laughable. In fact, those who pick it up may put it back on the shelf because it looks like it is drawn "by a ten-year old on notebook paper". This quote came from my nineteen-year old daughter.

      In short, Fuzz & Pluck is that most rare of all beasts, an original. And when something is original, it is either hated, loved or ignored. It is usually ignored.

     Have you noticed, dear reader, how the words ignored and ignorant are very closely related?

     Fuzz & Pluck is recommended for readers with an appreciation of the decidedly esoteric. 

     Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville (1 of 4)/48 pgs. & $4.95 from Fantagraphics Books/art & story: Ted Stearn - available wherever comics are sold.

     Review by Michael Vance


Duh     MINIVIEW: DUH:Underworld 4 [Fantagraphics].Childish, puerile yucks and interesting art for immature, nasty minds amused by toilet jokes.


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