Mighty Eyeball

Mighty Eyeball   Why aren't comic books funny?

   Some comic books were never meant to be ha ha humorous, some try for laughter and fail, and then there is Mighty Eyeball. It is meant to be fun, not funny. Need proof? Driven by profit, a research firm conducted bizarre experiments in Burgerville.

   "I'll keep a eye out for you," said a scientist as he left his office.

Lightning struck, destroying the building. Weird creatures, including the scientist's eyeball with new legs and arms, crawled from the rubble. Boy, was that scientist embarrassed.

   Okay, not really. No scientist, no "I'll keep an eye…" stuff. Obviously, Suspended Animation isn't meant to be funny either.

   Lightning struck, and monstrous creatures created by disaster must now choose how to live their "lives" for good or bad.

   "All Action! Hardly any plot!" screams a cover blurb.

   The cover blurb is true. What would you expect from a giant eyeball battling a huge robot with a head the size of a pellet?

   If you expect excellent art, you do get that. Energetic and creative visual storytelling dominates, although the art does occasionally look flat. That is because of a scarcity of shadows that create the illusion of depth.

   Is there nothing else to criticize? Yes, there are two weaknesses.

   Another cover blurb promises "a gigantic trading card with a fun little story inside". My guess is that the cover is the trading card. That doesn't work.

   In addition, the first issue is one long fight utilizing an incredibly irritating comics cliché.

   As they try to kill one another, Mighty Eyeball and his opponent talk…endlessly. That doesn't work either. When people fight, they grunt, moan, and spit blood through broken teeth. They don't dialog.

   Nevertheless, Mighty Eyeball is recommended as the inspired lunacy it heralds on its cover.

   Mighty Eyeball #6/16 pgs. & $2.69, Big Card Comics/art and story by Rurik Tyler/sold in comics shops, by mail, and at www.mightyeyeball.com .

   Review by Michael Vance


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