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Luger      A woman is kidnapped; the daughter of rich English gentleman, Sir Wilford Kingsley. Desperate, Kingsly seeks the individual best suited for rescuing her, a brave, daring, all around adventurer. He seeks John Luger, a man who defeats wild animals with his bare hands and is a dead shot with practically any firearm.

      What Kingsley finds, however, is a bitter alcoholic, living in squalor and missing a hand. His search seems over, his daughter lost. Or, is she? Is Luger really the shell of a man he seems to be, or is there more than meets the eye? That question is answered in the three-issue miniseries entitled Luger, published by the now-defunct Eclipse Comics.

      Luger is an incredibly enjoyable adventure story by writer Bruce Jones, and one of the comic world's premier artists, Bo Hampton. Often exciting, sometimes bordering on the ridiculous, but always a lot of fun, this story is one of those treasures waiting to be found in your comic dealer's twenty-five cent box (which is where I found my copies).

      As a writer, Jones' skills shine in this story, as he weaves a straight forward action tale, but doesn't forget the characterization, especially where the main character is concerned; Luger's not a hero, he's a guy who does the right thing for money. The story is well paced, and engaging.

      The most attractive feature, however, is Hampton's pencil art, inked by another comic artist extraordinaire, Tom Yeates. These two gentlemen comprise one of the finest art teams the industry has ever seen, and we don't see them paired often enough.

      Unfortunately, there are a few flies in the ointment, as the creators deemed nudity and some sexual situations necessary to the storyline, which, of course, they were not.

      However, this book still delivers high adventure and strong characters. Luger is recommended for adults, as some material is not suitable for children. Find it at you local comic shop, comic book conventions, or online catalogs.

      Luger, published by Eclipse Comics, 32 pages, $1.75. The illustrations used in this review are courtesy of Mile High Comics, who happen to have back issues available.


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