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Suspended Animation

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The Goon

      The Goon #1/22 pgs. & $2.95 from Goon Comics/sold in comic shops and at www.thegoon.com

      Life is messy. It needs a haymaker in the mush sometimes (or what passes for a mush on a ghost) to set thing straight. So believes The Goon, who is a bit mushy himself.  He looks like an Italian dockworker smashed in the face by a waffle iron.

      Intrigued? You should be piqued, bucko. Cartoonist Eric Powell is one fine writer and artist. Here's proof:

      Samuel Loom stole eight million dollars worth of 17th century Spanish doubloons, but erred in stashing them in the old Decaster house  (the old haunted Decaster house), therefore making his last mistake and creating an urban legend. The Goon, who is no one's idea of a superhero, wants those doubloons.

      Not much of a plot, you say, and certainly no proof of your hypotenuse, er, hypothausse, er, claim, oh reviewer.

      True. The proof is in the telling.

      Artist Eric Powell uses a simple, bold line, minimal backgrounds, and color to create a dour, twilight atmosphere in this first, untitled Goon story. Each character is a visual treat and Powell's intense apparitions trigger real shudders. The words yuck and cool best describe an occasional exploded but still undead head.

      Writer Eric Powell uses a matter-of-fact narration and simple, common dialogue that actually heightens the visual horror of his story.  Subtle humor and unexplained anomalies hint at a world not our Earth, and the nuances of his characters are both eccentric and fascinating.

      This Eric Powell guy rocks.   

      Kudos are also owed Powell because readers don't have to wade through sewers of profanity, sexual innuendo and nudity to enjoy The Goon, which comes highly recommended for everyone except pre-teen kids.

      Review by Michael Vance.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie
      MINIVIEW: The Powerpuff Girls Movie [DC] recounts the creation of three supergirls and their first brush with evil. Well written and drawn for preliterate and/or very young kids.

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