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Alter Ego

       Alter Ego is highly recommended.

       For those who think blind dates and highly recommended magazines about comics only have great personalities, Alter Ego also has Roy Thomas (whom, I'm told, has purty legs). And for those unfamiliar with the name Roy Thomas, what, do you live in a cave?!?

       Thomas is not only the editor of Alter Ego, but one of the most prolific and pivotal writers and editors in the Silver Age of Comics. As co-editor of Alter Ego back in 1962, Rascally Roy also helped found fandom (not that it was lost).

       And what is the Silver Age of Comics? Well, truly ignorant one, the Silver Age includes any comic book written by Roy, who now has silver in his hair (and purty legs).

       You heard it first here.

       What you'll hear about in Alter Ego is Fred Ray, Jerry Robinson, Jack Burnley, Mort Leav, Wally Wood, Michael T. Gilbert, Grass Green, Bill Schelly, Steve Butler, Jim Amash, Frank Brunner, Joe Simon, Dick Sprang, Alex Toth, Bob Kane, Paris, Moldoff, Collins, Mortimer, Mooney, Swhwartz, Newton, Swayze, Beck, Raboy and Schaffenberger.  Whew!! What a magazine full!

       But, full of what, you ask? Well it is full of historical articles, photographs and art from the above cartoonists who produced Batman, Superman, Tomahawk, The Heap, EC Comics, Plastic Mam and Rok, Captain America, and Captain Marvel Junior, to name a few. You'll also find insightful letters of comment and articles on the history of fandom, but no blind dates.

       Imagine what is in the other seventeen issues. Then imagine how angry you'll be when you buy them and then subscribe and I can no longer call you "truly ignorant one".

       Don't forget, Roy has purty legs.

       Alter Ego #19/104 pgs. & $5.95 from TwoMorrows Publishing/various artists and writers/sold at comics shops and www.twomorrows.com.

       Vance & "Grass" Green made comics. Buy EVER GREEN Comics and you'll benefit Grass' widow at: http://bluemooncomics.tsx.org.

       Review by Michael Vance


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