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The Nimrod #7

      It's a shame the word "alternative" in alternative comics almost always means a title is peppered with sex, drugs and profanity. There is so much in life to explore that is ignored in superhero comic books that one would think....

      Sigh. Oh well.

      The Nimrod is an alternative comic book from France that doesn't explore government or religion or philosophy or any question that profoundly matters. It explores the mundane world of anthropomorphic ducks and weasels and cats and dogs. Anthropomorphic means the world of ducks and weasels and cats and dogs that act like human beings.

      It does so by using minimalist art that looks like the doodles one draws when on a long telephone conversation. The cartoonist is knowledgeable in doodle art storytelling. His story flows well and is visually interesting.

      It also does so by using believable dialogue and situations, and interesting characters.

      And, of course, The Nimrod is peppered with profanity.

      In this issue, a duck remembers how he stole money from his father to buy a toy. Oh, I almost forgot. A backup feature titled "Miles to Go" is about a car packed with animals who count blue and white cars that pass them, and other time wasting games one plays while on the road.

      Go ahead and say it. Who cares?

      If this style and its subject matter is your cup of tea, drink it up. As for this old and tired reviewer, I'll use my time productively by rereading Pogo comic strips instead.

      The Nimrod #7/32 pgs. & $3.95 from Fantagraphics/ art and story from Lewis Trondheim/sold in comics shops,

      Review by Michael Vance

MINIVIEW: Touch of Death #1
Published by Brainscan Studios. A female touch brings unexpected death and mystery in a well-drawn new mini-series that needs a tad bit more story.

      Review by Michael Vance

MINIVIEW TOO: La Perdida #3
Published by Fantagraphics. Two young people walk around casually gossiping and cursing. Nice thick-lined, cartoonish art, but slightly boring.

      Review by Michael Vance


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