One Day To StarFest

Summer GlauStarFest | HorrorFest | ComicFest Weekend
April 16-18, 2010 – Marriott & Hilton Denver Tech Center

Time to lock and load, pack up and gear-up for a Weekend of Entertainment Overload. There are just a few things to go over to make sure your experience is everything you want it to be. One of those things is what tickets are you going to purchase?

StarFest is really three conventions (StarFest, HorrorFest and ComicFest). The good news is that when you buy a ticket to StarFest you are actually buying a ticket to all three; a science fiction convention, a horror convention and a comic book convention. Ticket prices start at $10 and go up; depending on how much you want to see and experience.

To make things simple, we’ve put together three popular options to illustrate the choices you have.

Lowest Price: $10.00. ComicFest one-day ticket, good Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at ComicFest at the Hilton Garden Inn. This ticket will get you into all the regular events at the #1 Comic Book Convention in the Rockies. It allows you to have a taste of what a convention is all about at a very low price, however, it doesn’t allow you to get into StarFest and see all the Movie and TV stars and a lot of the really big events.

Medium Price: $29.00. StarFest Saturday or Sunday one-day ticket, good Saturday or Sunday at ALL THREE SHOWS – StarFest, ComicFest and HorrorFest. You get to see all the scheduled events at both convention hotels (Marriott and Hilton DTC), you’ll get to see most of the stars; Summer Glau, Christopher Judge, Marina Sirtis, Garrett Wang, Tim Rose and more; and you’ll be able to come and go all day long Saturday or Sunday. Now, to be fair, not all guests are at the show all three days, so for that you’ll need the next option.

All Three Days: $49.00. StarFest three-day general admission ticket. Good for all three days, all the regular events, all sorts of fun. You’ll be able to see all our guests. You’ll be able to ask them questions and see all the convention has to offer. In short, you’ll get the full-effect of all three conventions for less than half the price of a one-day ski ticket. Not a bad deal.

Of course, there are all sorts of additional things to buy and experience, autographs, photos with the stars, Friday Night meet and greet, Saturday Night Federation Ball, just to name a few. The good news is you can add that stuff when you get there. All you’ll have to pay is the difference and we’ll hook you up.

We’ve made it really easy to get your tickets online at, you don’t have to pay any handling charges, taxes or shipping. When you complete your order, we’ll just email your tickets to you so you can print them out and bring them to the convention. It’s really that easy!

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