StarFest 2010- The Trial of Kraven Bloodthorne

Coming to Starfest 2010: The Trial of Kraven Bloodthorne
It was only a few years ago when Kraven Bloodthorne left Avistrum Academy. He resigned both his position as Professor of Divination and the post of Head of Colubrae House. He left Avistrum Academy at the request of Mordecai Argiletum, to aid another wizarding institution by the name of Timmernak. The school was under seige by the forces of the Dark Witch, Persephone.
Or did he?
Timmernak fell to Persephone’s onslaught and there is evidence that Kraven was actually a double-agent, assisting in it’s destruction.
To make matters worse, Bloodthorne is indicated to be involved in the abduction and possible murders of missing witches and wizards.
Some of these victims are former faculty members of Avistrum Academy.
With the evidence mounting, Senator Oswald Kensington is taking him to trial and is leading the Prosecution.
Kraven’s unlikely defender and attorney is his former rival, Clark Dowling.

Should Kraven Bloodthorne get convicted, he faces a lifetime imprisonment in Alcatraz Wizarding Prison.
Come and watch the trial unfold at Starfest in this unique interactive theatre and film experience!

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