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Channel 2 NewsStarFest Friday
Marriott & Hilton DTC – I-25 & Belleview

The convention is well underway! This morning we got up before dawn for a live remote from our Main Events room for the Channel 2 Morning News Show with Chris Parente. Chris had such a blast, he invited a Klingon, a Tusken Raider, and an Ape (from Planet of the Apes) to invade his Everyday Show at 10:00am. The costumed characters replaced the regular hosts for the show’s opening and the "real" hosts had to chase them off the set. It was a lot of fun and we certainly want to thank Chris Parente and the rest of the folks at Channel 2 for a great time.

This morning, KathE Walker (the Mother of StarFest) was interviewed on 9News for a great piece that is available on the 9News website. The interview contains a lot of great information about the convention. At Noon today, Christopher Judge is scheduled to appear on the 9News at Noon show. They are sure to have video available on their site for that as well. We sure hope Chris is recovered from a late night with the Klingons. We heard that they were introducing him to all sorts of liquid beverages and someone mentioned some horseplay in the hot tub. As George Takei would say, "Oh My!"

Channel 2 NewsStarFest registration opens up at 4:00pm today at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. There is plenty of room for everyone, come on down and join the party.

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