X-Men: First Class Costume Contest

StarFest Costume Contest

X-Men: First Class Costume Contest
Compete for Prizes, Fame and Money (though perhaps not in that order)

Calling all Abnormals, Jasons, Pirates, Lego Storm troopers and Fairy Creatures… anyone willing to work on putting together a great costume. It’s time to gear-up for your appearance on the StarFest Main Events Stage – the same one used by our Hollywood stars!

You’ll be the center of attention as you show off your costume creation in one of eight categories: Media Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Literary/Anime, Masters, Horror, Juniors, Children, Small Groups (2-6 people), and Large Groups (6-12 people).

Twentieth Century Fox is supplying many of the prizes to be awarded in the contest – plus all the fame and accolades you’ll be receiving from all your new fans!!

The Youtube video of last year’s winner has received over ONE MILLION HITS.

There is an extremely good chance that all the winners will be receiving free tickets to an advance screening of X-Men: First Class. What are you waiting for? Get your costume together!