X-Men: First Class Costume Contest

StarFest Costume Contest

X-Men: First Class Costume Contest
Compete for Prizes, Fame and Money (though perhaps not in that order)

Calling all Abnormals, Jasons, Pirates, Lego Storm troopers and Fairy Creatures… anyone willing to work on putting together a great costume. It’s time to gear-up for your appearance on the StarFest Main Events Stage – the same one used by our Hollywood stars!

You’ll be the center of attention as you show off your costume creation in one of eight categories: Media Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Literary/Anime, Masters, Horror, Juniors, Children, Small Groups (2-6 people), and Large Groups (6-12 people).

Twentieth Century Fox is supplying many of the prizes to be awarded in the contest – plus all the fame and accolades you’ll be receiving from all your new fans!!

The Youtube video of last year’s winner has received over ONE MILLION HITS.

There is an extremely good chance that all the winners will be receiving free tickets to an advance screening of X-Men: First Class. What are you waiting for? Get your costume together!

You can enter the Costume Contest at the Convention Information Table, however, when a division is filled (as determined by the Costume Contest Staff), that category will be closed for additional entries. It is therefore recommended that you sign-up here online prior to the convention.

Costume Presentation

  1. All costumes must be ORIGINAL. If you bought or rented your costume as one unit (i.e. a Batman costume as opposed to purchasing your tights here, your cape there, and your leotard somewhere else and customizing it to fit your character) points cannot be given for anything except presentation.
  2. All winning costumes must be retired. They may be scavenged for parts, but refurbishing doesn’t constitute a new costume.
  3. Dramatic speeches, skits, and singing will be allowed. You may have a CD with your presentation. You will have 60 seconds.
    • If you have a CD with your presentation, you must make sure we know about it when you register and give it to us before 5:30pm Saturday. CDs can be collected immediately after the Contest or at Convention Information the next day. You can help us out by giving us a CD with only the music that you want played.
    • Cassette tapes will not be played in Main Events; if you need to use a tape, you will need to take your own player on stage with you. Make sure it runs on batteries since power will not be available.
  4. A written description of your costume can be given to Kevin for reading while you present your costuming skills onstage. The description will be limited to a maximum of three bullet points, so make sure you know what you want to say. You will not be able to have something read if you choose to sing or say something yourself.
  5. You must let us know if you are going to use any props and/or special effects. Figure if you can’t carry it on stage with you, it probably won’t be allowed. If there is any question about what can and can’t be done, you need to ask about it before the convention. We wouldn’t want you to invest in equipment you can’t use.

In this presentation, judges will be evaluating overall stage appearance and costuming skills. Your singing or speaking may detract from your overall score.

Things We Shouldn’t Have to Tell You

  1. We strongly urge you to have a costume that is somewhat comfortable to wear. Sometimes you have to wait quite a long time before your turn, and we would hate to have you pass out before you were able to show off your creation. Be sensible — make sure your costume is well-ventilated.

  2. NO NUDITY! No Band-Aids stuck in strategic places, no loin cloths that show too much, no see-through flimsy outfits that leave nothing to the imagination . . . if you feel you must flaunt it, do it in the privacy of your own home. All costumes will be viewed at the Contest Lineup. Because everyone has a different idea as to what constitutes a rather questionable outfit, the Contest Staff will have the final say. What they say goes! You can be disqualified and asked to leave the convention. (This is actually handed down from the entire Convention Staff and constitutes official policy for the whole convention. Please be forewarned that KathE is very serious about this rule being enforced.)

  3. No offensive or coarse language (this is a family convention).

General Information

  1. There will be one winner and runner up selected from each presentation in each category listed below. Costume Best of Show will be the highest judged costume from Media Science Fiction, Fantasy/Literary/Anime, Masters and Groups. The costume categories for this convention’s contest are:
    • Media Science Fiction — Costumes inspired by TV, movies, live or animated.
    • Fantasy/Literary/Anime — Costumes inspired by a Sci-fi/fantasy/anime book or characters (also Original characters)
    • Horror — Costumes inspired by Horror movies or characters
    • Masters — For costumers having placed in three StarCon/StarFest Contests.
    • Juniors — For young costumers 13-17 years of age.
    • Children — For young costumers 12 and under.
    • Small Groups — Any presentation containing 2-6 people on stage in costume (this includes all Sci-fi, literary, media, etc.)
    • Large Groups — Any presentation containing 7-12 people on stage in costume (this includes all Sci-fi, literary, media, etc.)

    If there are some costumes that are qualified for more than one category, effort will be made to put them in the most appropriate category.

  2. Prizes will be awarded during and just following the contest.

  3. Contest lineup will be in the exercise room near the pool beginning 1 hour before the contest begins. Please do not arrive later than 15 minutes before the Contest is scheduled to start.

If you have any questions, just ask the staff at the Costume Contest Registration table.

The X-Men: First Class Costume Contest is brought to you by this summer’s most-highly anticipated film by Brian Singer:

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-MEN. See it in theaters on June 3, 2011.

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