StarFest & ComicFest Tickets

Convention Tickets
There are still lots of ways to get your tickets

We’ve shut off the online ticketing here at Starland and by midnight tonight we should have emailed tickets to everyone that ordered them online. If, for some reason, you have not gotten your tickets, don’t worry, just come to Convention Registration at the Marriott and we’ll be able to look up your order tomorrow. We’ll be ready to help you after 4pm.

General Admission tickets are still available for StarFest or ComicFest tickets at all the Colorado King Soopers stores. There is a small ticket charge, but it’s a small price to pay for the convenience.

You can also buy General Admission StarFest tickets (no fees) at three other retail outlets:

  • Time Warp Comics, 3105 28th St., Boulder
  • I Want More Comic, 10343 Federal Blvd., Westminster
  • Atomic Records, 341 S Broadway, Denver

There is also the option of buying your tickets at the convention. They are a bit more (up to $5) the day of the show, but you’ll be buying them from some really nice people. 🙂

Just make sure you buy your tickets. The convention only comes around once a year – how could you possibly go another year without a weekend of entertainment overload?

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