Denver County Fair

Denver County Fair
August 10-12, 2012
National Western Complex
Denver, CO

This annual event celebrates the creativity and personality of Denver, with events, exhibitors, blue ribbon competitions and more! The Denver County Fair honors the fine traditions and values of America’s county fairs, which have been enjoyed by millions of people for over 100 years.

But, it’s all NEW. Although land was bought for a Denver Fair in the 1800s, that plan was interrupted by a little thing called the “Civil War” and no fair was ever launched. (That land is now City Park, by the way.) Somehow, the idea never came to fruition until NOW – in the 21st century, when Denver is a modern, bustling metropolis, forging a reputation as “the new creative capital.”

… So as we enter into our second year, expect us to do things differently than the fairs that were established last century, or the century before.  We are new, we are urban and we are still pioneers!

Revolutionary Fair Design!
This year we’ve got 14 interlocking indoor pavilions, each with its own exhibitiors, vendors, stage demonstrations, entertainment and open competitions! Even our CARNIVAL IS INDOORS!

StarFest and are partners with the All-New Geek Pavillion at this year’s fair – come by and say hi!

  • Geek Stage for special events, demos, lectures and contests.
  • Vendor Area featuring technology, books, gadgetry, and all manner of geekery for sale from vendors around the state!
  • Blue Ribbon Competition display area!
  • Spelling Bee
  • Critter Crunch – Homemade Fighting Robots
  • Scrabble Tournament
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy Art Show
  • Gaming Area open throughout the Fair – Game for the Blue Ribbon!

For tickets and additional information on the Denver County Fair, visit

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