Robert David to Present at Low Budget & Independent Filmmakers Panel

Robert DavidAward-winning filmmaker Robert David is a familiar face to many StarFest attendees.  His movies have shown at local festivals, theater venues, coffee houses, bars, and parks in the area over the years—in fact a dozen years ago, he was a regular at StarFest and MileHiCon showing his and others’ movies, mostly on film.  Robert also free-lanced for many years for PBS (“Wild America”), Discovery Channel (“Expedition Earth”), and ESPN (US Ski Team coverage).  In 2003, Robert opened The CinemaLab, which has grown into a leader in motion picture preservation and restoration for the studios, large archives and small.  It is little-known that The CinemaLab has a full service motion picture photochemical facility in Englewood, CO in addition to their 4K digital restoration studio in Burbank, CA.  Robert considers The CinemaLab to be his playpen for making movies.  Truth is, The CinemaLab, Robert, & crew have saved many movie treasures, including five James Whale features, Academy Award winners, and the complete works of Stan Brakhage.  He is a collaborator of Nathaniel Dorsky’s, whose last two films ended-up on the New York Times “Best of (2011 & 2012)” movie lists.  StarFest Weekend, Robert will be discussing his processes—creative and otherwise kicking off  the “Low-Budget & Independent Filmmakers’ Panel” on Friday Noon, April 19th in the Humboldt Peak Room.  His presentation could be called, “How to make a living as a filmmaker in Colorado using humble talents and little resources.” He will use his newest film, “After Life” as a case study and show clips.  Robert is a great resource to aspiring cinema artists, and what he says is backed-up by results.  Welcome back to StarFest, Robert!  He’ll be around and available all weekend.

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