The Lazarus Effect – Starland Screening

The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect
Starland Screening

Wednesday, February 25th at 7PM
UA Denver Pavilions Theater
500 16th St #310
Denver CO 80202

Official Website

This movie is rated: PG-13
Opens in theaters: 27 Feb 2015


A team of graduate students are conducting experiments on reviving the dead. When they successfully bring back a dog, they know this breakthrough will change the world. But when the dean learns of their unsanctioned tests, she shuts them down, confiscating their materials, including the video that proves their technique works.

Desperate to save their data and years of work, they break into their own lab to reproduce their results. But in the race to get what they need before they get caught, a member of the team is electrocuted and killed, leaving the group devastated…until they realize they have their first human test subject. What they don’t realize is when you bring someone back from the dead, they don’t come back the same. And what they bring with them is pure evil.

Starring Olivia Wilde (Her, Rush, House), Mark Duplass, (Togetherness, The Mindy Project, The League), Evan Peters (American Horror Story), Sarah Bolger (Once Upon a Time), and Donald Glover (Community).

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