StarFest 2010 – Tales From Avistrum – Excelsior!!

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Have you ever wanted to jump into the pages of the books, or step onto the screen with Harry, Ron and Hermione? Avistrum Academy of Sorcery makes that a reality!

Mischief Managed Entertainment proudly presents “Tales from Avistrum,” an interactive theater/film experience for all ages. Starting back at Starcon in 2002 as a Harry Potter fan table, Avistrum has expanded into providing a full weekend experience, including classes to take, Quidditch tournaments to compete in, and the 2nd Annual Triwizard Tournament.

At Starfest 2010, Avistrum has these exciting events planned:

Herbology/Divination class — learn about the magical and medicinal qualities of different teas from around the world with Professor Deserand, and then how to read your tea leaves from Professor Bloodthorne.

Potions/Charms class — Professor Voertigern will instruct how to make a Polychrome Bombard potion, and Professor Kobiyashi will show you how to enchant a vessel to hold it.

4th Annual Starfest Quidditch Tournament — Due to the Muggle Secrecy Act, we cannot play properly on brooms outside, but luckily you can test your Quidditch skills on the PS2! Prizes for the tournament provided by the Cave of the Winds, Barnes & Noble Bookstores and Mischief Managed Entertainment.

Triwizard Tournament — complete all three tasks of the tournament, become Triwizard Champion, and win a weekend pass to NanDesuKan 2010, MileHiCon 42, and Starfest 2011! The first task will be revealed Friday night, but here’s a tip — it will involve your knowledge of Avistrum and it’s many residents. Visit to read history, character bios, and more! Register on Friday for your chance to become the Anime, Galactic or Literary Champion! Details about the tournament will be posted soon.

Craft area — create your own Triwizard badge to support your champion, or a Quidditch pennant for your favorite team!

Show poster for MHC 42 — come see the reveal of the official show poster for “Tales from Avistrum: Fall From Grace!”

About Face Painting — Charlotte Herring will be painting faces free of charge in the craft area!

For more information check out the official Avistrum website at Updates to the weekend activities will also be posted on the Message Board.

Don’t just sit there – grab your wand and be apart of the action!