Updated Filmmakers’ Panel Schedule

Our schedule has been updated! Unfortunately, the change was made after the print program was sent to the printers. It is correct on Guidebook and at the Starland website.

12:00 – 1:00 Processes: Creative and Otherwise with Robert David

How are films made? Award-winning filmmaker Robert David will explain the processes he uses to create his films. He will be using his latest film After Life and other projects as examples.

1:00 – 2:00 Editing Your Film

You have all the elements for your film. Now, you have to put it together. Professional editor Scott Unruh will go over what you need to do and the tools that are available to you.

2:00 – 3:00 Tricks and Tips for Better Sound

KU professor Matt Jacobson goes into the nuts and bolts of getting better production and post-production sound. Learn tricks to use in production and post-production, to give your film a professional soundtrack.

3:00 – 4:00 Fan Editing 101: Rip, Recut, and Remix Hollywood Cinema

Faneditor and University of Kansas PhD student Joshua Wille will introduce fanediting, show examples from popular fan-made recuts of Hollywood films, and demonstrate how he made some of the extensive changes in his own fanedit, Watchmen: Midnight. See excerpts from before and after Watchmen (2009) was recut, then see the entire fanedit later in the evening (6:30 PM Friday in Aspen Theater).

4:00 – 5:00 Low-Budget Visions: Telling Stories in the Digital Age

Since moving to the Midwest, University of Kansas professor Matt Jacobson has shot five feature films… and has taken two of them to Sundance! Hear him talk about being a filmmaker on a shoestring budget, as he screens clips from his movies, including the Sundance films CSA: Confederate States of America, and The Only Good Indian, new films Destination: Planet Negro! and Jayhawkers, and The Battle for Bunker Hill, a post-apocalyptic film screening this year at StarFest (3:30 PM Saturday in SF Video).

Robert David to Present at Low Budget & Independent Filmmakers Panel

Robert DavidAward-winning filmmaker Robert David is a familiar face to many StarFest attendees.  His movies have shown at local festivals, theater venues, coffee houses, bars, and parks in the area over the years—in fact a dozen years ago, he was a regular at StarFest and MileHiCon showing his and others’ movies, mostly on film.  Robert also free-lanced for many years for PBS (“Wild America”), Discovery Channel (“Expedition Earth”), and ESPN (US Ski Team coverage).  In 2003, Robert opened The CinemaLab, which has grown into a leader in motion picture preservation and restoration for the studios, large archives and small.  It is little-known that The CinemaLab has a full service motion picture photochemical facility in Englewood, CO in addition to their 4K digital restoration studio in Burbank, CA.  Robert considers The CinemaLab to be his playpen for making movies.  Truth is, The CinemaLab, Robert, & crew have saved many movie treasures, including five James Whale features, Academy Award winners, and the complete works of Stan Brakhage.  He is a collaborator of Nathaniel Dorsky’s, whose last two films ended-up on the New York Times “Best of (2011 & 2012)” movie lists.  StarFest Weekend, Robert will be discussing his processes—creative and otherwise kicking off  the “Low-Budget & Independent Filmmakers’ Panel” on Friday Noon, April 19th in the Humboldt Peak Room.  His presentation could be called, “How to make a living as a filmmaker in Colorado using humble talents and little resources.” He will use his newest film, “After Life” as a case study and show clips.  Robert is a great resource to aspiring cinema artists, and what he says is backed-up by results.  Welcome back to StarFest, Robert!  He’ll be around and available all weekend.

The Starfest Fan Film Festival Needs You!

Starfest Fan Film FestivalThe Starfest Fan Film Festival is looking for films for this year’s festival. We screen science fiction, science fact, fantasy, horror, and student films of all genres. We have screened “The Call of Cthulu”, “Triple Hit”, and episodes of “Starship Farragut” in the past. We’d love to see your work!

DigiFest Event “Create-O-Rama” at Dead Academy

Join DigiFest as..

Professional creative groups get together for one epic night of writing, making, drinking, performance, drawing and more. All ages welcome. Spirits served to 21+. Discounts for pre-registration at http://allianceofillustrators.org/ ($5 for members and sponsoring organizations, $10 for non-members ($10 for members and sponsoring organizations / $15 for non-members at the door). Raffle to win your own gallery show on Santa Fe Dr.

Musical acts performing include:
Roniit http://bandcamp.roniit.com/album/roniit 
Rainbowdragoneyes http://rainbowdragoneyes.bandcamp.com/album/the-primordial-booze 
Aethernaut http://aethernaut.bandcamp.com/album/super-mega-ultra 

Open mic will also be available for spoken word and acoustic musicians between bands.

Chiptune Performance and Taping

Chiptune Performance and Taping
July 25, 2012 – 8:00 PM, Mercury Cafe,
2199 California St.

DigiFest partners The Denver Chiptune Society and Mothermind Studios will be working the Mercury Cafe Wedenesday July 25th with an impromptu performance. Portions of the performance will be being documented as part of a short film.

Chiptune, also known as chip music or 8-bit music, is synthesized electronic music often produced with the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles, and arcade machines.
Live and spontaneous. Come see us!

Performers to include EZKL,
The Ghost Servant, and
OAD. The performance begins at 8pm, The cost is $5 for entry and $5 for food.