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There are almost as many ticket options for the convention as there are different types of people attending the show. You can come for a day or the whole weekend. The convention is an immersive experience

It’s not the type of convention where you can see everything in an hour or two. It is really an entire weekend of entertainment overload. If this is your first convention, we suggest you come down on Friday to check it out. You can buy an inexpensive Friday ticket that can be upgraded if when you decide that one day is not enough.

The Starfest Entertainment Festival encompasses two adjacent hotels, The Marriott Denver Tech Center and the Hilton Garden Inn DTC. A General Admission StarFest Ticket will allow you access to most of the events at both hotels, some special programs (very few) have an additional fee. Any additional fee events will be clearly noted on the Activities List and on the Convention Schedule.

You can purchase a special admission to just ComicFest at The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, but please note that ComicFest is included when you purchase Starfest Tickets. If you are confused by this explaination, please consult the Membership Comparison Chart below.

A brief overview of the convention


Friday programming starts at 3pm and continues way past midnight. You’ll be able to socialize late into the night, view some great videos, buy collectibles and get some autographs from our early-arriving guests. We’ve expanded our Friday programming from years past and it now stands well on its own.

Saturday is the biggest day of the convention. The show starts at about 8AM and continues well past Midnight. Because of the multi-track programming at the festival, there is no way to see and do everything. Events run simultaneously and you must pick and choose from the schedule. We work really hard to program events that cater to just about everyone’s taste and interests. It’s much like an all-you-can-eat buffet, everything looks great, but there is a limit to how much you can eat – pick wisely!

Saturday VIP – Lines and waiting for good seats can cause you to miss a lot at the convention. When you purchase a VIP membership, you free-up valuable time that will allow you to see more stuff. VIP Members get a special lanyard for your seating pass, and a Reserved Seat in the Main Events Room. Going VIP lets you say goodbye to seat camping through events you don’t really want to see because you are hoping to keep the seat for your favorite guests. See Reserved Seating instructions below for additional details.

Sunday is a lot different than Saturday. About half the guests are scheduled each day, so this is when the other half of them appear on stage for their Q&A sessions. Over-all the atmosphere is usually a little calmer than on Saturday, so it’s a little easier to chat with our guests at the autograph tables and get around the facilities. It’s also the best day to pick up last-minute deals in the Dealer’s rooms and at the Art Show.

Sunday VIP – Just like the Saturday VIP, you’ll experience less line waiting and seat camping by having your own Reserved Seat in the Main Events Room and a special lanyard for your membership pass. Since there are less VIP seats sold for Sunday than Saturday, you’ll find you can often get a better Reserved Seat (if you’re trying to decide between Saturday or Sunday). Keep in mind that we reserve even better seats for the people that buy Weekend VIP passes. See the Reserved Seating instructions below for additional details.

3-Day VIP – If you want to experience the entire weekend and all the guests, this is the Membership for you! You get all the perks of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday tickets – PLUS – a much better reserved seat than offered to the single-day VIPs in the Main Events Room. We reserve the front center section for our Weekend Reserved Seating guests (just behind Platinum Members). See Reserved Seating instructions below for additional details.

Platinum Membership – You can experience all the perks of a 3-Day VIP membership and more when you purchase a Platinum 3-Day VIP membership! The VERY BEST seats in our Main Events Room are specially reserved for Platinum 3-Day VIP members. The Platinum memberships include merchandise discounts, special giveaways, priority autograph lines and seating seniority at future conventions. Please Note: Platinum membership does not include any autograph or photo session fees (you’ll still have to purchase tickets for that), but it shortens the time to get them.

Platinum Membership Privileges

  • The Very Best Seats
    Forget about camping-out to see your favorite guests. You’ll be able to come and go throughout the weekend and see all the other great events at the convention without being concerned about your seat. Platinum members get to select from the best seats in the house and are able to select them up to twelve months before everyone else!
  • Lock in Today’s Prices for Up to Two Conventions.
    When you by a two-show Platinum Membership you are immune to any future price increases for two years.
  • 10% Discount at the Starfleet SalvageTables
    Includes all your purchases at the Starfleet Salvage dealers tables at the convention. Many of the other vendors at the show also honor your Platinum discount for purchases at the show – just make sure to ask, this can really add up to some great savings!
  • Express Registration
    There’s usually a line at Convention Registration. It’s a sad, but inevitable evil at large events like StarFest. As a Platinum member you have your own line with KathE (our fearless leader) there to help you.
  • Platinum Autograph Privileges
    You get express service at all the convention autograph lines. One of the biggest problems about getting autographs is waiting in line for them. Platinum members have their own line for each of the guests. The Platinum line alternates with the General Admission line at the autograph tables. That means you move through the autograph lines twice as fast as everyone else. You can see the convention AND get all the guest autographs you want on the same day! Most guests charge for photos and/or autographs – those fees are NOT included in your Platinum Pass.
  • Platinum Pin
    As a Platinum member you receive your own special cloisonne pin to identify your Platinum status to our convention staff. It’s your passport to the best perks at the convention. Did we mention you get to keep this great convention exclusive?

Reserved Seating

VIP & Platinum (Reserved) Seating is for specific events in the Main Events room – certain guest speakers and special presentations. All Reserved Seating events are noted on the convention schedule. It’s like most concert venues where the seats closest to the stage are reserved seating and the seats on the sides and in the back are for general admission.  Having a VIP Membership allows you to come and go throughout the day, knowing that your assigned seat will be waiting for you when you come back.

It is important to note: You need to be in your reserved seat 10 minutes prior to any reserved seating event. About five minutes prior to an event, empty reserved seats are opened to general admission members. We do this to make sure that the seats closest to the front are full before our guests come on stage. We want them to see a room full of happy people – not a bunch of empty seats up front.

Main Events Seating Chart

Here is a simple representation of the Main Events room at StarFest. Nothing is to scale, but it does indicate where the VIP and Platinum seating is in the room. You’ll need to contact KathE (720)777-6800) for the actual availability of any given seat. Seats in yellow are the Platinum seats and those in blue are VIP. Purchasing a Platinum Seat or VIP seat guarantees that you will be able to see a guest or panel and not have to wait in line. All unassigned seats are available for general admission.

Starfest Main Events Room SeatingStarfest Main Events Room Seating

Membership Comparison Chart

ComicFest Only StarFest General Admission StarFest VIP Admission Platinum Membership
ComicFest ComicFest ComicFest ComicFest
  StarFest StarFest StarFest
  HorrorFest HorrorFest HorrorFest
  RoboCon/Model Show RoboCon/ Model Show RoboCon/ Model Show
  DigiFest/ GameFest DigiFest/ GameFest DigiFest/ GameFest
    Reserved Seating Best Reserved Seating
    Express Registration Express Registration
      Early Seating Selection
      10% Discount at Starfleet Salvage Tables
      Express Photo  & Autograph Line

Convention Admission includes all regularly scheduled events at the convention – Guest Speakers, Studio Presentations, Activities, and Panels.

Special performances and certain activities may include an additional fee as noted on the Activities and Schedule pages.

Autograph and Photo Sessions are not included in your membership.

GameFest takes place at the Hilton Garden Inn facilities.

Autograph Tickets

It’s one thing to see your favorite actors on stage during the Q&A sessions, but to meet them face to face and get a personally signed item from them takes your convention experience to a whole different level.

What you have signed is up to you (within the bounds of good taste). You can bring something from home, get a photo or some other item from the dealer’s room, or even purchase a special photo from the guest right at the autograph table. Some people even like to get their program books signed.

You can purchase autograph tickets online prior to the convention or at the Autograph Ticket booth just outside the Dealers Room. Autograph times will be posted at the Autograph tables during the convention. You are entitled to one autograph per autograph ticket, but there is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase.

Each guest is scheduled to sign for a limited amount of time. If you should be unable to get a guest’s autograph before the guest has finished signing, your autograph ticket is fully refundable.

Each guest has two Autograph lines – one for Platinum Members and one for everyone else. The lines alternate to keep both lines moving.

Photo with the Stars

How would you like to take home a professional 8×10 photo print of you with your favorite star from the convention? While we would like to offer this opportunity to everyone, due to time constraints, there will only be a very limited number of tickets available for each Photo with the Stars session.

Your Photo with the Stars ticket entitles you to pose with the guest of your choice at the Photo with the Stars Studio. Shortly after your photo is taken you will be able to pick it up. We’ve timed the photo sessions so you’ll have an opportunity to have your picture signed after the photo session (requires a separate ticket) during your guest’s autograph session.

Photo with the Stars tickets entitle you to one photo. Groups are allowed to pose in the photo, but each person in the group must purchase a photo ticket (each person will also receive a copy of the photo). You can order your photo tickets online or purchase them at the convention until they are sold out.

Note: This doesn’t mean you can’t take pictures of the guests at the convention. We happily encourage still photography at the show – we do not, however, allow (and never have) video taping at the show. You will be asked to leave the convention if you attempt to videotape any of the activities at the show without prior written permission.

Online Ticketing

General Admission Tickets VIP Admission Tickets Platinum Memberships
ComicFest Only Tickets Autograph Tickets Photo with the Stars
  Meet & Greet Party  

Ticket Prices

All ticket prices are subject to change. VIP and Platinum seating is assigned on a first-come basis and the best seats sell fast.

Child (6-10 years)
3-Day $55/$59 $24/$29
Saturday $35/$39 $15/$19
Sunday $35/$39 $15/$19
Friday $20/$25 $10/$12
ComicFest 1-Day $10 $5
ComicFest 3-Day $15 $8
VIP 3-Day $95/$99 $54/$59
VIP Saturday Only $65/$69 $44/$49
VIP Sunday Only $65/$69 $44/$49
Platinum (1 person) $150
Platinum (for 2 people) $275
Platinum (2 yrs, 1 person) $275

Kids under 6 are free. Child prices are for kids 6-10 years old. Ages 11 and up are considered adults.  If you have a child under 6 and wish to purchase assigned seating for that child, you will need to call Starland (303-777-6800) to make arrangements.  The convention is great for families, however, there is not room for toddlers to sit on your lap in The Main Events Room. All prices are higher at the door. While membership tickets are not refundable, they can be used towards a future convention if, for some reason, you can’t make it to the show.

The complete autograph schedule will be posted at the convention. Having an autograph ticket does not guarantee you an autograph in the event that demand exceeds the time allotted. Autograph tickets are fully refundable and therefore cannot be replaced if they are lost or stolen.

Friday Night Meet & Greet Party

May 02, 2014 – $40 per person – 7:00pm in Main Events Room

Meet & Greet & Performance

Come meet our guests face to face and to get to know them a bit at the start of the convention. You’ll enjoy desserts and coffee and nonalcoholic beverages while you have the opportunity to chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Door prizes and fun guaranteed. Tables will be decorated with the entries for the Centerpiece Contest.

Desserts include cookies, brownies and an assortment of lemon bars along with coffee and assorted teas and soft drinks. Tickets will sell out.



How about a shirt, hat or mug?

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Ticket Outlets

You can buy tickets at the door. Come on down to the Marriott Denver Tech Center (4900 S Syracuse St, Denver CO 80237) starting as early as 1:00pm on Friday, April 19th. We will have plenty of tickets for sale at that time.

StarFest and ComicFest General Admission tickets are available online.


In January at All Front Range King Soopers locations.

Find the store nearest you

*There is a small convenience charge on tickets purchased at King Soopers.

The following locations will have StarFest General Admission tickets available.


I Want More Comics Store I Want More Comics
1020 W 104th Ave
Northglenn, CO 80234
Grandpa's Attic Grandpa’s Attic
5729 S Curtice St
Littleton CO 80120

Exhibitor Tables

Author Alley Tables are still available in the hallway for Authors for StarFest 2014. We do have ComicFest Exhibitor tables available at the Denver Hilton Garden Inn DTC (next door). We also have Artist Alley tables available at ComicFest.

Exhibitor Tables in the Main Dealers Room at StarFest are SOLD OUT for StarFest 2014. If you have already purchased a StarFest Exhibitor Table and are ordering electric or phone for your table at StarFest, click on the StarFest Dealer table information below.

To get information about Exhibitor Tables at StarFest 2015 Click here – Contact us about getting tables next year.

Sales and Exhibitor booths and tables usually sell-out before the convention. You can purchase StarFest Author Alley, ComicFest Artist Alley, ComicFest Dealers Table and StarFest Dealer’s Table electric/phone here.


  • StarFest Dealer’s Tables – Stephen Donnelly email or 720.298.8561
  • StarFest Author Alley Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570
  • ComicFest Dealers Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570
  • ComicFest Artists Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570