Jed Rowen Returns To Stalk StarFest & HorrorFest

Jed Rowen at HorrorFest

Jed Rowen

This is Jed’s fifth appearance as a guest at Horrorfest, and he returns with his biggest and best film, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X. He plays the villainous character, Sluggo, in this 35 mm sci-fi black-and-white musical extravaganza. Jed also sang in several of the songs in the movie and contributed his slide guitar work on the song, Here We Go.

The Ghastly Love of Johnny Xhad an amazing world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose this past March, and also had big write-ups in Sci Fi magazine and the American Cinematographer. Jed’s other sci-fi film, Piranhaconda, will have its world premiere on the SyFy channel later this year.

In recognition of his wide array of movie roles over the years, Jed was recently awarded the Golden Halo Film Achievement Award by the historic Southern California Motion Picture Council. His film career was also the subject of a featured article in The Atlantic magazine entitled, Inbred Jed: The Strenuous Life of a B-Movie Zombie, recounting his many zombie roles and experiences as a cult film actor.

Jed is very excited to be back in Denver for Horrorfest, at the Starfest Convention, to reunite with all of his friends and fans who have been so supportive of his career over the years. Please look for him at the special midnight screening of the film Saturday night, and at another screening of the movie on Sunday. Jed will also be at panels and events throughout the convention.
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