Two New Authors Added

Erin RambeauErin Rambeau
Author, The Werewolf, the Librarian and I

Writing is a passion for this librarian. Working with books for the last ten years has been a love that naturally led her to develop a passion for writing. She starting by writing poetry and then moved on to short stories — I, Ripper being one of her favorites. Her first novel The Werewolf, the Librarian and I, was just published earlier this year. Taking a note from Adell, Erin began writing her book as a cathartic piece, inspired by her being dumped by a boyfriend. While she may have started-off with the intention of writing a heart wrenching, tear jerking good-bye to the jerk story, it instead turned into a funny story of comedy and romance about her life as a werewolf.

Ms. Rambeau found she loved writing about the supernatural and especially being able to place her own embellished-self as a central character in the story. All the characters in the novel are people who have come in and out of her life, just a little different in appearance and name. Ultimately, she found writing the book a learning experience. An adventure that taught her a lot about herself.

Erin is eager to give credit for her accomplishments to her friends and family that have supported her efforts and made her journey towards becoming a published author possible. It is with great enthusiasm that she intends to make this the first in a series of stories on her own character’s journey through life. She will be in the artist alley throughout StarFest, come by and say hi.

Mark Everett StoneMark Everett Stone
Author, I left my haunt in San Francisico

Born in Helsinki, Finland (The Land of the Uncommonly Stubborn), Mark Everett Stone arrived in the U.S. at a young age and promptly dove into the world of the fantastic. Starting at age seven with the Iliad and the Odyssey, he went on to consume every scrap of Norse Mythology he could get his grubby little paws on. At age thirteen he graduated to Tolkien and Heinlein, building up a book collection that soon rivaled the local public library’s.

In college Mark majored in Journalism and minored in English. The newspaper business wasn’t for him, so he did what every good writer does: find work in a wide variety of fields that included catering, bartending, and restaurant management. After getting married, he sold Hyundais (before they became popular) and, because he lives in Colorado, Subarus. Eventually he matured enough to be able to sit down and just write. He just recently started working on his second novel, The Judas Line.

Molly Tanzer – DigiFest Guest

Molly TanzerMolly Tanzer
Author, Blogger

Molly Tanzer is a freelance writer and editor, and she works for Prime Books, too. She is happy to attend to your needs, if those needs happen to involve writing, editing, proofreading, or just some good conversation and company.

Molly earned her degree of Artium Baccalaureus in Art History (summa cum laude, natch) from Rollins College in 2004, and she recently completed her Master’s in Humanities at Florida State University. She is a fan of Hong Kong cinema and bad fantasy movies, an out-of-pracitice translator of ancient Greek, and an avid admirer of the novels of eighteenth century England. If you get her started, she will talk endlessly about such things as vegan cooking, dark beers, cocktail-mixing, and hiking up ferocious mountains.

Ms. Tanzer will be contributing to our programming at DigiFest. She also feels pretty weird writing about herself in the third person, so if you want to find out more, email her, or follow her @molly_the_tanz, or just read some of her blog posts on her website.

Mario Acevedo | Felix Gomez Vampire Detective Series Author at HorrorFest

Mario Acevedo

Mario Acevedo
Author – Felix Gomez Vampire Detective Series

Mario Acevedo is the author of the Felix Gomez vampire-detective series from Eos HarperCollins. In his latest adventure, detective-vampire Felix Gomez is trapped between rival werewolf clans in Charleston, SC in a rumble that could doom the supernatural world.

After Mario bought his first computer, he decided to write a novel. Four computers and with six unpublished manuscripts later, he finally wrote a story good enough to get the interest of an agent and a publisher.

In the Army he flew attack helicopters. In civilian life he worked as an engineer. Later, flexing his art muscles, he became an artist in residence for Arte Americas in Fresno, California. He was called up during Operation Desert Storm and served as a combat artist. After many publisher rejections, Mario finally got some much needed advice about his writing and then got two books published. He is now prepared to share those nuggets of advice and help you get your work published too.

His previous books include: Jailbait Zomby, The Undead Kama Sutra, The Nymphos of Rock Flats and X-Rated Blood Suckers.

For the latest information and additional details about Mario, visit his website at

Dayton Ward Added To StarFest

Dayton Ward

Dayton Ward
Novellist, Programmer, Would be murderer?

When not slaving away within the sterile environs of a drab gray cubicle, one of millions that populate the deep dark recesses of Corporate America, Dayton spends his evenings and weekends in pursuit of a pseudo-second career: writing. His first career being a software developer for a big greedy company.

Before he got into writing, and involved with Corporate America, Dayton spent the first eleven years of his post-high school life serving in the United States Marine Corps. He jokes that his most traumatic experience since then has been having to coordinate his own clothes.

"After all, the private sector tends to look at you funny when you wear the same thing to work everyday. And for some reason, a lot of companies discourage camouflage in their dress codes. Go figure."

He credits his interest in writing to being a Star Trek fan.

"I’ve been a follower of the show since the womb, I’m told. My earliest memories of watching television involve Captain Kirk and company. Though I’m too young to have seen the show during its original run, I grew up on the reruns."

Reading various books over the years, Dayton decided that it would be fun to write a story of his own. He started by writing fan fiction, taking correspondence writing courses and attending the odd writing seminar. However, it wasn’t until Pocket Books announced their first Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing contest, that he decided to take a stab at the big time. He credits his good pal Deebz for giving him the push to enter the contest.

Dayton often collaborates with Kevin Dilmore on various Star Trek projects. His most recent tales include: Paths of Disharmony – Star Trek: Typhon Pact (Feb 2011), A Batman for All Ages (Feb 2011), Counter-Protest (Oct 2010), Into the Abyss – Full-Throttle Space Tales #4: Space Horrors (Oct 2010), What’s Past – Star Trek: Corps of Engineers (Aug 2010 w/Dilmore), Counterstrike: The Last World War, Book II (May 2010), and The First Peer – Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins (Mar 2010 w/Dilmore).

Mr. Ward also contributes to the and websites. This year he released How to Write With Your Best Friend and Not Kill Each Other, which seems to be a work of non-fiction at this point.

Carrie Vaughn | HorrorFest Author

Carrie Vaughn Kitty NovellistCarrie Vaughn
NY Times Bestselling Author

Carrie is the New York Times bestselling author of a series of novels about a werewolf named Kitty who hosts a talk radio advice show for the supernaturally disadvantaged. The eighth in the series, Kitty Goes to War, will be out in July 2010.

She also works on lots of other projects. Her first young adult novel, Voices of Dragons, was released in March 2010.

She contributes to many anthologies, including Warriors, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois and released in March, and she’s part of the Wild Cards consortium.

A bona fide Air Force brat, Carrie grew up all over the country but has managed to put down roots in Boulder, Colorado. Visit her at