ComicFest Photos by Anginet

Photo by Anginet Page


The reason ComicFest exists is because of one person, Jason Page. The reason that Jason still exists is because of one person, Anginet Page.

Anginet is a person of many talents, however. One of which is taking great photographs. In spite of my inability to keep track of things like photo disks, Jason and Anignet were able to send me a replacement CD of photos for the website. Now that the photos have been posted, everyone can admire her work in its own album folder under StarFest 2010.

Do yourself a big favor and take a look at Anginet’s great images from the ComicFest Convention and get a real idea about what the conventions are really all about, people having fun. Thank you Anginet and Jason for sharing your talents at Denver’s own ComicFest convention.

Jordan Gonzales

Jordan GonzalesReporting on ComicFest

ComicFest 2010 has officially drawn to a close after a weekend filled with fun. Numerous fans came through and got to spend some time getting to meet and talk with an impressive array of comic creators. Everyone agreed that ComicFest’s second year was a big step up from the first year, mainly thanks to event organizers such as Jason Page, Charles O’Neill, Bruce MacIntosh, and Mike Hance, the rest of the staff, and the volunteers. Exhibitors such as Zach Howard noticed and appreciated the improvement, and the future of ComicFest looks bright.

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There is also an informative interview with Whilce Portacio available at his site.

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THE HANGED MAN – Suspended Animation Review

The Hanged Man #1

The Hanged Man #1

Published by Caliber Comics, 32 pages, $2.95.

Adam Cadman is a condemned man on his way to the gallows, long after the death sentence has been abolished on English soil. A cold-hearted man, with seemingly no redeeming qualities or value, fate has decreed that he meet his end dangling from a rope …or has it?

At the end of said rope is not what would be considered Heaven or Hell, but a realm called Mazeworld. Cadman, still donning the hood and noose of the condemned, is mistaken for “The Hooded One,” a missing hero of a group of rebels battling a tyrannical ruler. Here, Cadman will undergo a transformation; he will begin this adventure as a coward, and a fool, and emerge a hero of the oppressed. This is the premise of The Hanged Man, a two-issue series by Caliber Comics.

Writer Alan Grant draws the reader in by presenting the possibility that such an ignoble character could be changed for the better. In the story, Cadman is directly confronted with the terrible deeds he has committed, and even experiences a tightening of the noose around his neck when he is caught in betrayal, cowardice, or the like. As a result of his sins being ever before him, a part of Cadman begins to emerge that has long been buried, if it ever existed at all. Grant’s fine characterization is to be commended, as is the clever twist at the story’s end.

Artist Arthur Ranson’s work is amazing! I have never seen better, more realistic and detailed line work in any artist’s production, in comics. The book is black and white, and Ranson is a craftsman whose work is best viewed in this venue. Colorists often tend to take away much of the detail of such a project, even when they are very good.

The Hanged Man can be acquired through comic shops, or online retailers or auctions. For a comics shop near you, call 1-888-comic-book.

Review by Mark Allen

Review by Mark Allen

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