Michael “Frick” Weber – Comic Book Storytellers

Cloud 9Living the Dream

Have you dreamed of making comics a career? Here’s a guy that’s making that dream come true by showing people how to do it. Join Michael “Frick” Weber as he interviews comic artists and authors. Together you’ll learn how they got started, what worked and what didn’t. It’s many paths down the yellow brick road to becoming a comic book professional. It’s fun.


StarFest & ComicFest Tickets

Convention Tickets
There are still lots of ways to get your tickets

We’ve shut off the online ticketing here at Starland and by midnight tonight we should have emailed tickets to everyone that ordered them online. If, for some reason, you have not gotten your tickets, don’t worry, just come to Convention Registration at the Marriott and we’ll be able to look up your order tomorrow. We’ll be ready to help you after 4pm.

General Admission tickets are still available for StarFest or ComicFest tickets at all the Colorado King Soopers stores. There is a small ticket charge, but it’s a small price to pay for the convenience.

You can also buy General Admission StarFest tickets (no fees) at three other retail outlets:

  • Time Warp Comics, 3105 28th St., Boulder
  • I Want More Comic, 10343 Federal Blvd., Westminster
  • Atomic Records, 341 S Broadway, Denver

There is also the option of buying your tickets at the convention. They are a bit more (up to $5) the day of the show, but you’ll be buying them from some really nice people. 🙂

Just make sure you buy your tickets. The convention only comes around once a year – how could you possibly go another year without a weekend of entertainment overload?

Steve Niles coming to Comicfest

Steve Niles

Steve Niles
Writer of 30 Days of Night and upcoming Suicide Girls Comics

Steve Niles is a writer. He writes comics, novels and films.

He is one of the writers responsible for bringing horror comics back to prominence.

Niles is currently working for the four top American comic publishers – Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse. Currently ongoing at Image is the creator-owned series BAD PLANET with co-writer Thomas Jane and THE CRYPTICS with artist Ben Roman. Everyone’s favorite monster hunter Cal McDonald returns in the monthly CRIMINAL MACABRE series from Dark Horse. And later this year, continuing 30 DAYS OF NIGHT spin-offs and AMERICAN FREAKSHOW return to IDW Publishing.


Win a DVD copy of the movie
Available in stores NOW!

Scott Pilgrim has never had a problem getting a girlfriend. It’s getting rid of them that proves difficult. From the girl who kicked his heart’s ass — and now is back in town — to the teenage distraction he’s trying to shake when Ramona rollerblades into his world, love hasn’t been easy. He soon discovers, however, his new crush has the most unusual baggage of all: a nefarious league of exes controls her love life and will do whatever it takes to eliminate him as a suitor. As Scott gets closer to Ramona, he must face an increasingly vicious rogues’ gallery from her past — from infamous skateboarders to vegan rock stars and fearsome identical twins. And if he hopes to win his true love, he must vanquish them all before it really is game over.

Bonus features available on Blu-Ray and DVD: Deleted and alternate scenes with commentary from director, producer and co-writer Edgar Wright Scott Pilgrim vs the Bloopers Feature Commentaries Feature Commentary with director, producer and co-writer Edgar Wright, co-writer Michael Bacall and Author Bryan Lee O’Malley Technical Commentary with director, producer, co-writer Edgar Wright and director of photography Bill Pope Cast commentary with Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ellen Wong and Brandon Routh Cast commentary with Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin and Mark Webber Photo galleries including Edgar Wright’s photo blog, production photos, art galleries and marketing concepts.

This film is rated PG-13. Play for a copy.

Megamind | Screening Quiz/Contest

Takers | Screening Quiz/ContestWin Screening Tickets For Two
Saturday, October 23rd @ 10am
Colorado Mills Theater

From the studio that brought you Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda.  Megamind is the most brilliant supervillain the world has ever known. And the least successful. Over the years, he has tried to conquer Metro City in every imaginable way. Each attempt, a colossal failure thanks to the caped superhero known as Metro Man, an invincible hero until the day Megamind actually kills him in the throes of one of his botched evil plans. Suddenly, Megamind has no purpose. A supervillain without a superhero. He realizes that achieving his life’s ambition is the worst thing that ever happened to him.  Megamind decides that the only way out of his rut is to create a new hero opponent called Titan, who promises to be bigger, better and stronger than Metro Man ever was. Pretty quickly Titan starts to think it’s much more fun to be a villain than a good guy. Except Titan doesn’t just want to rule the world, he wants to destroy it.  Now, Megamind must decide: can he defeat his own diabolical creation? Can the world’s smartest man make the smart decision for once?  Can the evil genius become the unlikely hero of his own story. 

The movie is rated PG and opens in theaters on November 5th. For more information about the film visit http://www.megamind.com/.

Play now for tickets.

ComicFest Photos by Anginet

Photo by Anginet Page


The reason ComicFest exists is because of one person, Jason Page. The reason that Jason still exists is because of one person, Anginet Page.

Anginet is a person of many talents, however. One of which is taking great photographs. In spite of my inability to keep track of things like photo disks, Jason and Anignet were able to send me a replacement CD of photos for the website. Now that the photos have been posted, everyone can admire her work in its own album folder under StarFest 2010.

Do yourself a big favor and take a look at Anginet’s great images from the ComicFest Convention and get a real idea about what the conventions are really all about, people having fun. Thank you Anginet and Jason for sharing your talents at Denver’s own ComicFest convention.

Metromix Photo Journal of StarFest

Jordan GonzalesSixty Great Photos from StarFest

Photo journalist Matt Farley brought his camera to StarFest and captured a great selection of shot taken at the convention. It’s an interesting cross-section of the costumes and people you’ll see at a typical StarFest convention… like the next one April 15-17, 2011 in Denver. See Matt Farley’s photo journal of StarFest at Metromix.

Jordan Gonzales

Jordan GonzalesReporting on ComicFest

ComicFest 2010 has officially drawn to a close after a weekend filled with fun. Numerous fans came through and got to spend some time getting to meet and talk with an impressive array of comic creators. Everyone agreed that ComicFest’s second year was a big step up from the first year, mainly thanks to event organizers such as Jason Page, Charles O’Neill, Bruce MacIntosh, and Mike Hance, the rest of the staff, and the volunteers. Exhibitors such as Zach Howard noticed and appreciated the improvement, and the future of ComicFest looks bright.

Read more of Jordan’s thoughts about ComicFest at examiner.com.

There is also an informative interview with Whilce Portacio available at his site.

BTW, if you run across any StarFest, HorrorFest or ComicFest articles, video or stories, please let us know, we’ll be happy to give them a plug here at Starland.com.


StarFest HorrorFest and ComicFest HotelsCalling all photographers…
We want your photos

We’ve finally started to upload some of the photos that were taken at this year’s StarFest convention to our photo gallery. It’s going to take a while to post all of them, but we hope to have several hundred for you to look through.

Please look through the photos. You are encouraged to submit comments. We’ve reactivated the photo comment feature, now that we can moderate it. Your comments won’t appear instantaniously, but we’ll get them up there ASAP – if they aren’t mean or inappropriate.

We are very interested in adding your photos to our collection. Please zip your photos together into a single file and attach it to an email to photos@starland.com. Be sure to include your name in the email so we can give you proper credit for taking the photos. We’ll try to sort them when they are posted. We need your photos to be at least five inches (360px) on the longest side. We’d prefer to reduce the size for you to match the other photos on the site.

StarFest In The News

Channel 2 NewsStarFest Friday
Marriott & Hilton DTC – I-25 & Belleview

The convention is well underway! This morning we got up before dawn for a live remote from our Main Events room for the Channel 2 Morning News Show with Chris Parente. Chris had such a blast, he invited a Klingon, a Tusken Raider, and an Ape (from Planet of the Apes) to invade his Everyday Show at 10:00am. The costumed characters replaced the regular hosts for the show’s opening and the "real" hosts had to chase them off the set. It was a lot of fun and we certainly want to thank Chris Parente and the rest of the folks at Channel 2 for a great time.

This morning, KathE Walker (the Mother of StarFest) was interviewed on 9News for a great piece that is available on the 9News website. The interview contains a lot of great information about the convention. At Noon today, Christopher Judge is scheduled to appear on the 9News at Noon show. They are sure to have video available on their site for that as well. We sure hope Chris is recovered from a late night with the Klingons. We heard that they were introducing him to all sorts of liquid beverages and someone mentioned some horseplay in the hot tub. As George Takei would say, "Oh My!"

Channel 2 NewsStarFest registration opens up at 4:00pm today at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. There is plenty of room for everyone, come on down and join the party.