HorrorFest Haunted Tour

Bryan and Baxter

All New HorrorFest Haunted Tour
Presented by the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society
and Warning Radio’s Bryan & Baxter

Available on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 and Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Join Bryan & Baxter of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society with their new Haunted tour. This is the latest edition of their infamous Haunted Denver Coach Tour. You will get to see some Denver haunts and learn about the urban legends and stories told about these amazing locations.  With all new locations this year including The Daniels and Fisher Tower and Union Station among others. This unforgettable tour lasts two hours. Our smaller more intimate bus only seats 12 people for each tour.  Get your tickets quickly before they sell out! Tickets for the 2 hour tour are $40.00.

Funny and engaging, Bryan and Baxter know where all the ghosts are buried in Denver. Together, they present an informative and inciteful tour filled with historical information and hands-on "this is where it was" accounts. Uniquely intriging, their collection of artifacts, anticdotes, and wisdom make this a one-of-a-kind ghost experience.

Bryan and Baxter also host a weekly paranormal internet radio show broadcast from Warningradio.com. Together, they use solid scientific methods to investigate paranormal locations and reports in an effort to quantify claims and de-bunk the side-show promoters in the field that give credible investigators a bad name.

There will be two tours this year. The first is on Thursday night and leaves the Marriott Denver Tech Center at 8:00pm promptly. You will need to meet up in the lobby by 7:45pm. The second tour will be on Friday May 2nd. It leaves the hotel at 10:30pm. You need to meet up with your hosts in the (crowded) hotel lobby by 10:15pm for the Friday night tour.

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