Aiden Sinclair to perform at HorrorFest 2013

Horrorfest 2013 Presents Paranormal Illusionist Extrodinaire
Aiden Sinclair

Aiden SinclarMr. Sinclair will be bringing his amazing show “Illusions of the Passed, an Evening of Haunts and History” to HorrorFest this year.

What lies beyond the veil?  Do spirits linger among us?  Do the dead return?  Welcome to the world of the Paranormal Illusionist…

There are those who hunt for ghosts, Aiden Sinclair brings them to life!​

What if you could speak to the departed?  What if you could go back in time and relive the past?

Aiden Sinclair is a Master Magician that takes his audience on a journey through history.  Tales of terror, tragedy and triumph are brought to life through the art of illusion.

His presentations will take you beyond the limits of imagination and grant you a personal experience with the unknown.

Survive an encounter with Jack the Ripper…

Witness the last voyage of the Titanic…

Journey into the dark depths of a Victorian Asylum…

Join this Master Magician for an evening of unforgettable entertainment!

Important Avistrum Academy Events at StarFest

Secretary of Magic Election at StarFest
Campaign Appearances are scheduled at StarFest from both
the Progressive Wizards and Old Mage Party Candidates

The Avistrum Academy at StarFest is an Official Polling Place for casting your vote for the next Secretary of Magic! You can help decide the next Wizarding Leader who will be selected to guide us through this most tumultuous time in the history of American Magic.

Both of the major candidates, Senator Polonius Aberfoyle of the Progressive Wizards Party and Senator Kensington of the Old Mages Party will be campaining for your votes at StarFest. Every vote counts, make sure your voice is heard!

For more information about events at the Avistrum Academy during StarFest, please visit and ‘like’ them on Facebook!