Haunted House Experts Attending HorrorFest

Randy McLellan

Randy McLellan and Kurt Van Ulmer
Shocking Talent Added To HorrorFest

Randy McLellan has a true passion for shocking Denver as an owner of City of the Dead Haunted House. With over 20 years of consulting and design of haunted events and attractions, Randy strives for unique experiences and original approaches to Haunted House design. Innovative layouts, shocking ideas and extreme attention to detail has established the City of the Dead Haunted House as a must see event each October.


Kurt Van Ulmer has excelled as a lead makeup artist working in the film, entertainment, and the haunted house industry designing costumes, makeup effects, and props for over a decade filling nearly every position in Art and Effects Departments throughout his career. His makeup expertise can be seen in films such as Ink, The Shadow Walkers, and Finis’ to name a few highly respected horror films. Kurt is a tenacious creative spirit and has greatly contributed to the avant-garde makeup and costumes featured at the City of the Dead haunted house. Kurt truly enjoys sharing his enjoyment for all things scary and seeks opportunities to shock the mainstream.

Randy McLellan and Kurt Van Ulmer will be sharing their talents at HorrorFest Panels covering both the Haunted House Industry generally, and on Makeup techniques and application specifically.