Christopher JudgeIt’s Moving Day

We are moving in at the Marriott and Hilton so, we need to turn off the online ticketing.


If, for some reason you didn’t get your pre-ordered tickets emailed to you, DON’T PANIC, we’ll have our computer system up and running at the Marriott. You’ll be able to come down and we can pull up your order at registration and check you in – aren’t we high tech? Show-day ticket pricing is slightly higher, but still a good deal. We will have lots of StarFest/HorrorFest/ComicFest tickets at the Marriott and ComicFest only tickets at the Hilton.


The guests are starting to arrive, so far everything is going smoothly. Marina Sirtis just made it into Denver from Europe (she came from Greece ). Thankfully BEFORE the airlines cancelled most flights from Northern Europe (she connected through Frankfurt) because of the big volcano in Iceland. That was a close call.

There is already a lot of action in the Atrium, people are putting up their balcony displays and milling around the hotel as they arrive for some early room parties. I saw at least two balconies that featured Iron Man 2 themes. It’s going to be a great convention, the weather might be rainy (50% chance for tomorrow), but it sure beats the heck out of the blizzard last year!

We just got the t-shirts and polo shirts from the printer and they look great. Registration opens at 4:00pm at the Marriott, hope to see you there.

Stephen @ Starland

One Day To StarFest

Summer GlauStarFest | HorrorFest | ComicFest Weekend
April 16-18, 2010 – Marriott & Hilton Denver Tech Center

Time to lock and load, pack up and gear-up for a Weekend of Entertainment Overload. There are just a few things to go over to make sure your experience is everything you want it to be. One of those things is what tickets are you going to purchase?

StarFest is really three conventions (StarFest, HorrorFest and ComicFest). The good news is that when you buy a ticket to StarFest you are actually buying a ticket to all three; a science fiction convention, a horror convention and a comic book convention. Ticket prices start at $10 and go up; depending on how much you want to see and experience.

To make things simple, we’ve put together three popular options to illustrate the choices you have.

Lowest Price: $10.00. ComicFest one-day ticket, good Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at ComicFest at the Hilton Garden Inn. This ticket will get you into all the regular events at the #1 Comic Book Convention in the Rockies. It allows you to have a taste of what a convention is all about at a very low price, however, it doesn’t allow you to get into StarFest and see all the Movie and TV stars and a lot of the really big events.

Medium Price: $29.00. StarFest Saturday or Sunday one-day ticket, good Saturday or Sunday at ALL THREE SHOWS – StarFest, ComicFest and HorrorFest. You get to see all the scheduled events at both convention hotels (Marriott and Hilton DTC), you’ll get to see most of the stars; Summer Glau, Christopher Judge, Marina Sirtis, Garrett Wang, Tim Rose and more; and you’ll be able to come and go all day long Saturday or Sunday. Now, to be fair, not all guests are at the show all three days, so for that you’ll need the next option.

All Three Days: $49.00. StarFest three-day general admission ticket. Good for all three days, all the regular events, all sorts of fun. You’ll be able to see all our guests. You’ll be able to ask them questions and see all the convention has to offer. In short, you’ll get the full-effect of all three conventions for less than half the price of a one-day ski ticket. Not a bad deal.

Of course, there are all sorts of additional things to buy and experience, autographs, photos with the stars, Friday Night meet and greet, Saturday Night Federation Ball, just to name a few. The good news is you can add that stuff when you get there. All you’ll have to pay is the difference and we’ll hook you up.

We’ve made it really easy to get your tickets online at, you don’t have to pay any handling charges, taxes or shipping. When you complete your order, we’ll just email your tickets to you so you can print them out and bring them to the convention. It’s really that easy!


Free parking is available at the Denver Marriott DTC (there is a charge for Valet Parking) and the Hilton Gardens Inn. The Office Park across the street will be charging $10.00 a day this year if you want to park your car in their lot. The attendants will be there handing out parking passes on Friday until midnight, Saturday until midnight and Sunday until the convention ends. There will be NO OVERNIGHT parking in Office Parks lot. Cars in violation of this will be towed. Getting to the convention early makes even more cents…I mean sense.

Mister Tim Performing at StarFest

Mister TimMister Tim
Voice Artist, Songwriter, Composer, and Actor

Mister Tim is very excited to perform his geek-centric music for the 2010 Starfest audience. In addition to being the driving force behind comedy a cappella quartet moosebutter, whose “Star Wars (John Williams is the Man)” shot to viral internet fame in 2008, Mister Tim performs with more than a dozen award-winning vocal groups, including his own solo vocal live-looping show.

To get a taste of what he does, take a look at his one-man demonstration video. Mister Tim is taking beat boxing and a cappella performance to the next technological level. It’s just amazing what he can do in a live performance!

Mister Tim’s 2010 Starfest performance will include several brand-new Sci-Fi/Fantasy songs, available on CD at the show and on his web site after the show. Everything you hear in his performance and in his recordings is Mister Tim: every sound, instrument, note and word comes from his voice.

For more details, visit

Mister Tim Demo

Mister Tim in moosebutter

StarFest 2010 Video Teaser

Official Teaser Trailer for StarFest 2010

Our Official StarFest Videographer, Phil Wortham, put together this great little teaser video for the convention from some footage he shot last year. It is giving me goosebumps just thinking about the show!

We have been processing memberships and emailing them out to people this week. We are doing a postcard mailing for the show and they should arrive at your doorstep next week. The flyers and posters are set to arrive at the ticket outlets (hopefully) in time for this weekend. The tickets should be going on sale at King Soopers soon.

Just so you know, Summer Glau told her agent that she only wanted to attend one science fiction convention this year… StarFest is that one convention.


StarFest 2010 – Tales From Avistrum – Excelsior!!

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Have you ever wanted to jump into the pages of the books, or step onto the screen with Harry, Ron and Hermione? Avistrum Academy of Sorcery makes that a reality!

Mischief Managed Entertainment proudly presents “Tales from Avistrum,” an interactive theater/film experience for all ages. Starting back at Starcon in 2002 as a Harry Potter fan table, Avistrum has expanded into providing a full weekend experience, including classes to take, Quidditch tournaments to compete in, and the 2nd Annual Triwizard Tournament.

At Starfest 2010, Avistrum has these exciting events planned:

Herbology/Divination class — learn about the magical and medicinal qualities of different teas from around the world with Professor Deserand, and then how to read your tea leaves from Professor Bloodthorne.

Potions/Charms class — Professor Voertigern will instruct how to make a Polychrome Bombard potion, and Professor Kobiyashi will show you how to enchant a vessel to hold it.

4th Annual Starfest Quidditch Tournament — Due to the Muggle Secrecy Act, we cannot play properly on brooms outside, but luckily you can test your Quidditch skills on the PS2! Prizes for the tournament provided by the Cave of the Winds, Barnes & Noble Bookstores and Mischief Managed Entertainment.

Triwizard Tournament — complete all three tasks of the tournament, become Triwizard Champion, and win a weekend pass to NanDesuKan 2010, MileHiCon 42, and Starfest 2011! The first task will be revealed Friday night, but here’s a tip — it will involve your knowledge of Avistrum and it’s many residents. Visit to read history, character bios, and more! Register on Friday for your chance to become the Anime, Galactic or Literary Champion! Details about the tournament will be posted soon.

Craft area — create your own Triwizard badge to support your champion, or a Quidditch pennant for your favorite team!

Show poster for MHC 42 — come see the reveal of the official show poster for “Tales from Avistrum: Fall From Grace!”

About Face Painting — Charlotte Herring will be painting faces free of charge in the craft area!

For more information check out the official Avistrum website at Updates to the weekend activities will also be posted on the Message Board.

Don’t just sit there – grab your wand and be apart of the action!

STARFEST 2010 – Welcomes Actor Gary Lockwood

Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal. I have to get to Denver!

StarFest 2010 is truly “Full of Stars!”

Gary Lockwood, probably best known to Star Trek fans as Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell  in the 1966 pilot episode “Where No Man Has Bone Before”,  has been confirmed as a guest for the  STARFEST 2010 convention.

Of the many memorable roles he has played in his career, Science Fiction movie fans remember him best as astronaut Frank Poole in the Stanley Kubrick  futuristic epic 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).  Ironically, Lockwood’s Frank Poole character (from “2001”) learns about Star Trek’s success in the novel “3001: A Final Odyssey”.

One of his most memorable TV roles, and one of the most memorable on the series, was on a 1969 episode of  “Love American Style” (1969) episode  in which he plays a guy who is told his mouth is too small. To test it out, he accidentally wraps his mouth around a doorknob and gets stuck! His co-star in that episode was none other than his wife at the time, Stefanie Powers.

Since we are actually celebrating the real 2010:  Space Odyssey this year, we thought it would be only fitting to have a guest from the movie that started it all.  Unfortunately his co-star in the movie, Keir Dullea, was unable to join him on the journey to Denver.  I have it on good authority, however, that the Monolith might be making a return visit.

We are happy to welcome Gary Lockwood to Denver

STARFEST 2010 – Balcony Challege Competition

Iron Man 2 Balcony ChallengeIron Man 2 Balcony Challenge
Book your rooms at the Marriott now!

Everyone with balcony rooms in the Atrium of the Marriott Hotel is encouraged to decorate their balconies. There is nothing quite like walking into the Atrium during the convention and seeing all sorts of displays on the balconies in that huge open space venue.

StarFest Balcony ChallengeThe last few conventions, we have started handing out prizes to the best decorated balconies. This year, prizes will be awarded for two catagories: "Iron Man Theme" and “Open Theme.” For ideas, you might want to visit the IRONMAN 2 website to get some ideas. The movie studio is putting together some great prizes to give away to winners in the Iron Man division (there’s a good chance that anyone featuring Iron Man in thier theme will recieve tickets to a special advance showing of the movie). Special consideration will be made for subtle and fun design elements creativity counts big in our book. There will be guests from the studio at Starfest, so we’d appreciate it if you go out of your way to impress them.

The “Open Theme” category is only limited by your imagination and good taste, nothing more than PG-13, remember StarFest is a family show. A prize packet will be given to the winner of this category.

Winners for both catagories will have their names announced right before the Costume Showcase on Saturday evening. Complete rules for the Balcony Challenge can be found on the Starland Message Board. Let the challenge begin!

STARFEST 2010 – Meet & Greet Dessert Party & CRO Concert



The MEET & GREET DESSERT PARTY starts at 7:30pm on Friday evening. Enjoy a casual reception featuring brownies, cookies, and other yummy desserts with many of our StarFest guests in attendance.

We’ve added something new this year: A Design A Centerpiece competition. This is your opportunity to create a centerpiece that reflects the love you have for your favorite series. A special prize will be awarded the winner. Bring your finished centerpiece to the Convention Information table on Friday evening between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. They will then be placed on the tables before the actual party begins. The centerpieces will also be on display at the Convention Information table following the party so everyone can enjoy your masterpiece. Be clever, creative, and boldly go where no centerpiece has gone before.

After you’ve had a chance to become acquainted with guests and other attendees over desserts and refreshments, you will be treated to a great show.

The Castle Rock Orchestra will be performing in the Main Events Room after the MEET & GREET DESSERT PARTY at 9:00pm. The Castle Rock Orchestra has performed at Castle Rock Elementary, The Grange in the Meadows, The Castle Rock Ducky Derby, The Highlands Ranch Music and Arts Festival, The Philip S Miller Branch of the Douglas County Library and the First United Methodist Church of Castle Rock.The Orchestra will be entertaining us with selected theme music from some of your favorite science fiction and fantasy shows.  Hear the themes from Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Pirates of the Caribean and more being played by an orchestra of over 40 talented musicians. There just isn’t a better way to start off the convention!

Tickets for the MEET & GREET PARTY and CONCERT are available for $24.95 per person. You are strongly urged to purchase your tickets online or by phone prior to the convention. Seating is limited.

StarFest 2010 welcomes Tim Rose – Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars

It's A Trap!

Admiral Ackbar – Salacious B. Crumb – Sy Snootles

Born in Pittsfield, Illinois in 1956 Tim Rose discovered puppetry while attending University of New York.  His first professional performance was for the student union.  He built a walk-around bag booth and performed The True Story of Prince George and the Dragon.  He was paid $15 for the show and still has the receipt he was given with his first check.

From there he continued to perform his show at fairgrounds, shopping malls and parks all across the northeast America.  He started working at Jim Hensen’s studio where his first job was to design what would eventually be called animaltronics for the Muppet movies.  He was loaned by Hensons to Lucasfilm to do Return of the Jedi.

While at ILM he was designing animaltronics for characters of Jedi.  Once pre-production was finished he was going to fly to England to perform Sy Snootles and Salacious Crumb.   Copies of the script were never given out ahead of time for reasons of secrecy and he had no idea who Admiral Ackbar was.  He had done a lot of the design work for the Admiral’s close-up version and when he asked if he could perform the character, because of his familiarity with the controls, he was told he could.

He also worked on Howard the Duck, Dinosaurs, Alf, The Labyrinth, Return to Oz, Dark Crystal and the tiger in Fierce Creatures just to name a few.

We are happy to welcome him to STARFEST 2010.

Psst… Ask him to tell you about the Salacious Crumb and Harrison Ford incident.