Star Wars May The 4th Activities Announced

May the 4th Day

A Whole Bunch of Star Wars Fun For Everyone!

StarFest is celebrating Star Wars Day May the 4th with lots of Star Wars related activites at the convention throughout the weekend.

Scheduled events include: Jar Jar Dunk Tank, Miss Empire Pageant, Boba Fett Hunt, Star Wars Light Sabre Pinata Training, These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For Trivia Bowl/Scavenger Hunt, Star Wars Hall Costume Contest, Yoda Sound Alike Contest, Star Wars Balcony Decoration, and Best Star Wars Costume
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The Model Show Resorts to Bribery

We’ve done everything we can think of to promote the the Model Show in the past. This year, we’re doing something a little different. For every model you bring in, you will get a chance to win a Polar Lights 1:350 USS Enterprise kit! For every modeling event you participate in, you get another chance! Bring in a flyer for yet another chance!

Peter Mayhew | Chewbacca of Star Wars at StarFest

Peter MayhewPeter Mayhew
Star Wars’ Chewbacca

An English hospital worker who inadvertently found himself catapulted into films, Peter Mayhew was the towering gentle giant responsible for bringing Chewbacca to life. Mayhew, who stands 7’3″, was born in Barnes, England. The son of a policeman, he spent a short time in the field of engineering before discovering that he felt more fulfilled by hospital service. In the mid-1970’s, he was working as a hospital orderly at London’s King’s College Hospital when he was featured in a newspaper article about men with large feet. By chance, his photograph was noticed by the producers of Ray Harryhausen’s Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977), starring Patrick Wayne and Jane Seymour. Sinbad’s producers subsequently cast Mayhew in the role of the minotaur.

When writer/director George Lucas began searching for a tall actor who could accurately portray Chewbacca, he initially turned to David Prowse. The bodybuilder opted for the part of the sinister Darth Vader, leaving Lucas free to seek out Mayhew for the role of the Wookiee.

The decision to cast Mayhew as Chewbacca proved wise. The giant actor threw himself into the role with great determination. Shortly before filming began on Star Wars, Mayhew visited a zoo where he studied the movement of bears, monkeys, gorillas and other animals with traits reminiscent of a Wookiee. Once inside the costume, Mayhew created one of the trilogy’s most memorable and popular characters. Although Chewie’s vocalizations were later dubbed into the film in post-production, to cue his fellow actors Mayhew simulated the character’s dialogue from within the mask. On set, he was known to growl, grunt and shriek.

ChewbaccaAfter Star Wars, it was clear that Mayhew clearly embodied the role of the Wookiee, and he was asked to reprise the role for the second installment, The Empire Strikes Back. Again, he proved irreplaceable. During filming, he took ill and was out for a day. When director Irvin Kershner substituted another extremely tall actor in Mayhew’s place. This proved to be a mistake: because Mayhew had created Chewie’s walk and mannerisms, the substitute was unable to accurately portray the Wookiee. Kershner was forced to discard all of the footage and re-shoot once Mayhew regained his health.

Between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, Mayhew worked at Mayday Hospital in suburban London. He resumed this position after Empire, only leaving the hospital again to join his colleagues on the set of Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, the film which he remembers most fondly. It was during ROTJ that Mayhew used his stunt double for the first and only time. It was the scene when the desert skiff is hit by a blaster and tips over with Han and Lando hanging on for dear life as Chewie pulls then to safety. Once Jedi wrapped, with the exception of a phony taping of Larry King Live, Mayhew did not don the Wookiee costume again until 1997, when he appeared on the annual MTV Movie Awards to accept the Lifetime Achievement award to honor Chewbacca. He subsequently doned a Wookie suit again for his appearance in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005).

Peter just completed work on the horror movie Killer Ink, which will have its World Premiere at StarFest. He will be on hand for our Meet & Greet on Friday and be signing autographs and participating in our Photo with the Stars Program all weekend. His Q&A session is currently scheduled for 3:00pm on Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Peter Mayhew Autograph Ticket Peter Mayhew Photo Session Ticket Friday Night Meet & Greet

David Prowse at StarFest

David Prowse

David Prowse
Athlete, Actor, Cancer Survivor and a guy you don’t want to disappoint

David Prowse is best known for playing Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy. His commanding stature (6’6") undoubtedly influenced George Lucas’ decision to use him in the iconic role, however, because Lucas wanted a deeper voice (and American accent) for the character, his lines were later re-recorded by James Earl Jones. It’s interesting to note that David’s script for the second Star Wars movie did not include the revelation that Luke was his son. He didn’t learn about it until he saw The Empire Strikes Back in the theater, like the rest of us.

Prowse began attracting attention as a weightlifter and represented England in the 1962 British Empire Games in Australia. He continues to work as a personal trainer and his client list (past and present) includes the likes of: Christopher Reeve (for his role in Superman), Daniel Day Lewis (The Last of the Mohicans), Vanessa Redgrave, Edward Heath M.P., Peter Davidson, H.RH. Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Azziz of Saudi Arabia, and Stephanie Powers.

One of his first credited movie roles was as Julian the bodyguard in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. On TV he played the star of The Green X Code, a series of public service safety commercials for kids. His genre appearances include: Vampire Circus, The Time Monster, The Tomorrow People, Space 1999, The Beta Cloud, BBC’s The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Ace of Wands, Casino Royale, The Horror of Frankenstein, and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. He had notable appearances: as The Black Knight in the Terry Gilliam film Jabberwocky and in The Saint TV series.

David is a cancer survivor and has worked tirelessly as a spokesperson for various cancer charities and causes. He currently serves as the Commander in Chief to the 501st Star Wars club. He’ll be reviewing his troops and meeting fans here in Denver at StarFest all three days.

Metromix Photo Journal of StarFest

Jordan GonzalesSixty Great Photos from StarFest

Photo journalist Matt Farley brought his camera to StarFest and captured a great selection of shot taken at the convention. It’s an interesting cross-section of the costumes and people you’ll see at a typical StarFest convention… like the next one April 15-17, 2011 in Denver. See Matt Farley’s photo journal of StarFest at Metromix.

StarFest In The News

Channel 2 NewsStarFest Friday
Marriott & Hilton DTC – I-25 & Belleview

The convention is well underway! This morning we got up before dawn for a live remote from our Main Events room for the Channel 2 Morning News Show with Chris Parente. Chris had such a blast, he invited a Klingon, a Tusken Raider, and an Ape (from Planet of the Apes) to invade his Everyday Show at 10:00am. The costumed characters replaced the regular hosts for the show’s opening and the "real" hosts had to chase them off the set. It was a lot of fun and we certainly want to thank Chris Parente and the rest of the folks at Channel 2 for a great time.

This morning, KathE Walker (the Mother of StarFest) was interviewed on 9News for a great piece that is available on the 9News website. The interview contains a lot of great information about the convention. At Noon today, Christopher Judge is scheduled to appear on the 9News at Noon show. They are sure to have video available on their site for that as well. We sure hope Chris is recovered from a late night with the Klingons. We heard that they were introducing him to all sorts of liquid beverages and someone mentioned some horseplay in the hot tub. As George Takei would say, "Oh My!"

Channel 2 NewsStarFest registration opens up at 4:00pm today at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. There is plenty of room for everyone, come on down and join the party.


Christopher JudgeIt’s Moving Day

We are moving in at the Marriott and Hilton so, we need to turn off the online ticketing.


If, for some reason you didn’t get your pre-ordered tickets emailed to you, DON’T PANIC, we’ll have our computer system up and running at the Marriott. You’ll be able to come down and we can pull up your order at registration and check you in – aren’t we high tech? Show-day ticket pricing is slightly higher, but still a good deal. We will have lots of StarFest/HorrorFest/ComicFest tickets at the Marriott and ComicFest only tickets at the Hilton.


The guests are starting to arrive, so far everything is going smoothly. Marina Sirtis just made it into Denver from Europe (she came from Greece ). Thankfully BEFORE the airlines cancelled most flights from Northern Europe (she connected through Frankfurt) because of the big volcano in Iceland. That was a close call.

There is already a lot of action in the Atrium, people are putting up their balcony displays and milling around the hotel as they arrive for some early room parties. I saw at least two balconies that featured Iron Man 2 themes. It’s going to be a great convention, the weather might be rainy (50% chance for tomorrow), but it sure beats the heck out of the blizzard last year!

We just got the t-shirts and polo shirts from the printer and they look great. Registration opens at 4:00pm at the Marriott, hope to see you there.

Stephen @ Starland

One Day To StarFest

Summer GlauStarFest | HorrorFest | ComicFest Weekend
April 16-18, 2010 – Marriott & Hilton Denver Tech Center

Time to lock and load, pack up and gear-up for a Weekend of Entertainment Overload. There are just a few things to go over to make sure your experience is everything you want it to be. One of those things is what tickets are you going to purchase?

StarFest is really three conventions (StarFest, HorrorFest and ComicFest). The good news is that when you buy a ticket to StarFest you are actually buying a ticket to all three; a science fiction convention, a horror convention and a comic book convention. Ticket prices start at $10 and go up; depending on how much you want to see and experience.

To make things simple, we’ve put together three popular options to illustrate the choices you have.

Lowest Price: $10.00. ComicFest one-day ticket, good Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at ComicFest at the Hilton Garden Inn. This ticket will get you into all the regular events at the #1 Comic Book Convention in the Rockies. It allows you to have a taste of what a convention is all about at a very low price, however, it doesn’t allow you to get into StarFest and see all the Movie and TV stars and a lot of the really big events.

Medium Price: $29.00. StarFest Saturday or Sunday one-day ticket, good Saturday or Sunday at ALL THREE SHOWS – StarFest, ComicFest and HorrorFest. You get to see all the scheduled events at both convention hotels (Marriott and Hilton DTC), you’ll get to see most of the stars; Summer Glau, Christopher Judge, Marina Sirtis, Garrett Wang, Tim Rose and more; and you’ll be able to come and go all day long Saturday or Sunday. Now, to be fair, not all guests are at the show all three days, so for that you’ll need the next option.

All Three Days: $49.00. StarFest three-day general admission ticket. Good for all three days, all the regular events, all sorts of fun. You’ll be able to see all our guests. You’ll be able to ask them questions and see all the convention has to offer. In short, you’ll get the full-effect of all three conventions for less than half the price of a one-day ski ticket. Not a bad deal.

Of course, there are all sorts of additional things to buy and experience, autographs, photos with the stars, Friday Night meet and greet, Saturday Night Federation Ball, just to name a few. The good news is you can add that stuff when you get there. All you’ll have to pay is the difference and we’ll hook you up.

We’ve made it really easy to get your tickets online at, you don’t have to pay any handling charges, taxes or shipping. When you complete your order, we’ll just email your tickets to you so you can print them out and bring them to the convention. It’s really that easy!


Free parking is available at the Denver Marriott DTC (there is a charge for Valet Parking) and the Hilton Gardens Inn. The Office Park across the street will be charging $10.00 a day this year if you want to park your car in their lot. The attendants will be there handing out parking passes on Friday until midnight, Saturday until midnight and Sunday until the convention ends. There will be NO OVERNIGHT parking in Office Parks lot. Cars in violation of this will be towed. Getting to the convention early makes even more cents…I mean sense.