HorrorFest Haunted Tour

Bryan and Baxter

All New HorrorFest Haunted Tour
Presented by the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society
and Warning Radio’s Bryan & Baxter

Available on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 and Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Join Bryan & Baxter of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society with their new Haunted tour. This is the latest edition of their infamous Haunted Denver Coach Tour. You will get to see some Denver haunts and learn about the urban legends and stories told about these amazing locations.  With all new locations this year including The Daniels and Fisher Tower and Union Station among others. This unforgettable tour lasts two hours. Our smaller more intimate bus only seats 12 people for each tour.  Get your tickets quickly before they sell out! Tickets for the 2 hour tour are $40.00.

Funny and engaging, Bryan and Baxter know where all the ghosts are buried in Denver. Together, they present an informative and inciteful tour filled with historical information and hands-on "this is where it was" accounts. Uniquely intriging, their collection of artifacts, anticdotes, and wisdom make this a one-of-a-kind ghost experience.

Bryan and Baxter also host a weekly paranormal internet radio show broadcast from Warningradio.com. Together, they use solid scientific methods to investigate paranormal locations and reports in an effort to quantify claims and de-bunk the side-show promoters in the field that give credible investigators a bad name.

There will be two tours this year. The first is on Thursday night and leaves the Marriott Denver Tech Center at 8:00pm promptly. You will need to meet up in the lobby by 7:45pm. The second tour will be on Friday May 2nd. It leaves the hotel at 10:30pm. You need to meet up with your hosts in the (crowded) hotel lobby by 10:15pm for the Friday night tour.

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Star Wars May The 4th Activities Announced

May the 4th Day

A Whole Bunch of Star Wars Fun For Everyone!

StarFest is celebrating Star Wars Day May the 4th with lots of Star Wars related activites at the convention throughout the weekend.

Scheduled events include: Jar Jar Dunk Tank, Miss Empire Pageant, Boba Fett Hunt, Star Wars Light Sabre Pinata Training, These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For Trivia Bowl/Scavenger Hunt, Star Wars Hall Costume Contest, Yoda Sound Alike Contest, Star Wars Balcony Decoration, and Best Star Wars Costume
…read more details.

StarFest Needs Your Vote!

StarFest was just nominated as Denver’s Best Annual Festival by Westword Magazine. We are up against some strong competition, but what’s new? Please spread the word out to everyone you know and help us get the votes we need to give Denver’s Best and Original Entertainment Festival the recognition it deserves! Visit http://readerschoice.westword.com to vote.

StarFest Vote

StarFest needs your vote at http://readerschoice.westword.com/

Common StarFest Question

I just got an email question from Mendie about tickets for StarFest. Since her email address bounced back to me and she had a common question – I decided to answer it here.

She said she was trying to buy a three day pass for her son and didn’t know the difference between the 15.00 ticket and the 50.00 [I think she meant 55.00] one. She wanted to know if he needed both.

The short answer is NO. The correct ticket page for StarFest 3-Day tickets is at http://starland.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=113_114&products_id=467 – those tickets are priced at $55 for adults and get you into all regular events at the convention.

The $15 ticket [I think] she was referring to was our ComicFest 3-Day ticket. That gets you into just the events at the Hilton Garden Inn (next to the Marriott). It does not include any of the events at the Marriott. The $15 ticket is NOT needed for anyone who purchases the above StarFest ticket as it includes admission to events at both the Marriott and the Hilton.

I would refer anyone that is still confused to our convention ticket page at: 
all ticket options are well described there. You can also call us at 303.777.6800, if that doesn’t clarify things.

StarFest Denver – Still The One!!


StarFest 2013

The results are in – StarFest Denver continues to be the biggest Science Fiction Entertainment convention in Colorado and the third largest Science Fiction Entertainment convention in the Nation. 

Since 1977 we have been able to bring some of the biggest names in the Science Fiction Entertainment community here and thanks to your overwhelming support we will continue to do so in the future.

HorrorFest Make-Up Challenge

HorrorFest Makeup Challenge

Face Off Make-Up Challenge
HorrorFest Saturday, April 20, 3:00pm

This years challenge, Vengeful Spirits!  Come face off against fellow make-up artists for a fabulous grand prize provided by those awesome folks at Reinke Bros.  You will have 2 hours to complete your vengeful spirit make-up.  Models will be provided for each contestant.  You will need to bring all your own supplies and something to drape your model with.  No pre-made masks allowed although we will allow premade appliances to be used.  Pre-made appliances may not cover more than half the face.

Models we need you as well!  If you are available for 2 hours you can become a model for one of our artists.
Sign up to participate in the make-up challenge or be a model in the Horror Extras room.

Triwizard Tournament at StarFest

Triwizard Tournament

Triwizard Tournament
5th Annual Event hosted by Avistrum Academy
at the StarFest Entertainment Convention
April 19-21, 2013 • Marriott DTC • Denver CO

Don’t miss YOUR chance to compete in the 5th Annual Triwizard Tournament hosted by Avistrum Academy!

The Grand Champion will win full weekend passes for Nan Desu Kan 2013, Starfest 2014 and MileHiCon 45 (along with the Tales From Avistrum show!)

Become the Anime Champion, the Literary Champion or the Galactic Champion!

Fantastic Door Prizes at the Third Task of Wizard Jeopardy on Sunday! Items from Barnes & Noble, Cave of the Winds, Century Theaters, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! All you need to do to win is sit in the audience and have a raffle ticket from Avistrum! (check schedule for time and room for Wizard Jeopardy on Sunday)

Registration begins Friday night in the Avistrum room and continues through Saturday. Visit Avistrum Academy to register and for more details.

Like The Triwizard Tournament on Facebook!

more details at avistrum.org
Tales from Avistrum is produced by Mischief Managed Entertainment

Guest Updates

Amanda Tapping has just informed us that due to the shooting schedule of Supernatural, she will be unable to attend StarFest this year. She regrets any inconvenience that this has caused her fans and wishes to express her love and hopes to be able to see everyone at next year’s StarFest. Anyone who pre-ordered her autograph or photo tickets can exchange them or have them refunded at the autograph table.

In order to fill the gap in the schedule caused by Amanda’s absence, we have booked Nicole de Boer to enhance our 20th Anniversary celebration of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Ms. de Boer will be attending all three days of StarFest (including the Meet & Greet) and will be onstage for questions and answers on Sunday.

Nicole de Boer at StarFest

Nicole de Boer

This is Nicole deBoer’s first visit to StarFest. She is well known to sci-fi fans for her roles as Ezri Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1998–1999) and Sarah Bannerman on The Dead Zone. Nicole’s recent work has been on featured on the series Perception and the TV movies My Mother’s Secret, Secrets from Her Past, Metal Tornado and Iron Invader. She also made an appearance in the premiere of the Haven TV series as Marion Caldwell.

Nicole started acting at a young age landing the lead in a school production of The Wizard of Oz. Her television debut was an uncredited role in Freddy the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner, which starred Red Skelton and Vincent Price. De Boer’s first major television work was as a regular in the CBC series 9B followed by a recurring role on the Canadian sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall as Laura, girlfriend of Bobby Terrance (Bruce McCulloch). She subsequently appeared (as a different character) in their 1996 film Brain Candy.

Her first major TV role came in 1997, in the short-lived Sci-Fi Channel series Deepwater Black (also known as Mission Genesis) as Yuna. She followed that up with a role in the cult favorite science fiction film, Cube (1997). She was featured in episodes of the Canadian produced SF series The Outer Limits alongside Robert Patrick (The Quality of Mercy) and Harry Hamlin (Monster). She was also appeared as Dr. Alison Porter in the SciFi channel series Stargate Atlantis, appearing in the fifth season episode titled Whispers.

You can access our ever-growing list of StarFest guests using the Guidebook app. Download it to your smart phone or tablet at http://guidebook.com/g/xsy5nopg/ – It is also accessible through your browswer at http://m.guidebook.com/guide/6775/

Model Building Challenge

Model Building Challenge

Are you tough enough to finish a model in six hours?

The IPMS/CoMMiES aim to find out! At the Six-Hour Challenge, you will have a Pegasus Hobbies “Apollo 27 Rocket” kit, your tools, your paints, and your wits.

The $20 fee covers your kit and your space at the table. Space is limited to 16 participants.

You can register through the Starland store or at the convention. The Six-Hour Challenge will be Sunday from 10am to 4pm in the StarFest Model Show at the Marriott Hotel. Let’s see what you’re made of!

Aiden Sinclair to perform at HorrorFest 2013

Horrorfest 2013 Presents Paranormal Illusionist Extrodinaire
Aiden Sinclair

Aiden SinclarMr. Sinclair will be bringing his amazing show “Illusions of the Passed, an Evening of Haunts and History” to HorrorFest this year.

What lies beyond the veil?  Do spirits linger among us?  Do the dead return?  Welcome to the world of the Paranormal Illusionist…

There are those who hunt for ghosts, Aiden Sinclair brings them to life!​

What if you could speak to the departed?  What if you could go back in time and relive the past?

Aiden Sinclair is a Master Magician that takes his audience on a journey through history.  Tales of terror, tragedy and triumph are brought to life through the art of illusion.

His presentations will take you beyond the limits of imagination and grant you a personal experience with the unknown.

Survive an encounter with Jack the Ripper…

Witness the last voyage of the Titanic…

Journey into the dark depths of a Victorian Asylum…

Join this Master Magician for an evening of unforgettable entertainment!