THE YOUNG VICTORIA | Starland Screening

The Princess and the Frog | Starland Screening
Thursday, December 17th @ 7:00pm
Landmark Theater, 5415 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village, CO

1837. VICTORIA (17) is the object of a royal power struggle. Her uncle, KING WILLIAM, is dying and Victoria is in line for the throne. Everyone is vying to win her favor. However Victoria is kept from the court by her overbearing mother, THE DUCHESS OF KENT, and her ambitious advisor, CONROY. Victoria hates them both. Her only friend is her doting governess, LEHZEN, but she is smothering and over-protective.

Victoria’s handsome cousin, ALBERT is invited to visit by her mother. He’s also the nephew of her Uncle, KING LEOPOLD OF BELGIUM. It’s obvious that Albert has been coached to win her hand. At first she’s annoyed as she has no intention of being married. She never wants to be controlled again. However Albert is also tired of being manipulated by his relatives. Victoria and Albert talk openly and sincerely and become friends. When he returns home she grants him permission to write to her. King Leopold is delighted and pushes Albert to woo her. Albert refuses because he knows she’s not ready and he won’t return to London until she invites him. Leopold reluctantly waits.

As her life proceeds, Victoria learns both the art of political necessity and love.

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